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W2 r1

Completed W2R1 today and I seriously can't believe it! I've never run in my life so about as unfit as you get. But I done it! I managed a min and a half 5 TIMES!

So excited for tomorrow's run!

Also I had really bad shin splints last week after runs 1 & 2 but now I don't have them atall. Is this common for them to just go away?

After each run I do half hour in the pool. Usually about 20 lengths. Is this good to pair with running to give the cardio a boost or too much?

Thank you for reading 👟🏃🏼‍♀️

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Good for you & both swimming & cycling good for boosting your stamina keep up the good work & enjoy 😊


Wonderful, well done. You will soon be doing more running than walking and that is a great milestone. Keep up the good work.


Aches and pains are all normal when starting out. They may come back to visit from time to time.

It is important you learn the difference between injuries and niggles - easier said than done; but as a general rule-of-thumb (others will have better examples, I'm sure) a niggle will be gone after a little while and perhaps some ice, whereas an injury will hang around for longer. Don't run in pain and if in doubt go to your GP.

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Yes very important. I normally say learn the difference between pains and aches.

Other warning signs are one sided and the pains tend to be more localised than aches.


Yes shin splints can just go probably more relaxed and so posture/gait improving.

Swimming after is not too much at all. Swimming is non-impact and uses different muscles (really you can believe me on that one - I swim lots but have recently discovered all my running muscles).

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