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Glad today's run is done!

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So did w2 R2 today and for some reason I really didn't want to go and do it today! Maybe the weather, maybe that I've had 2 rest days, maybe because I had to go in the afternoon when I normaly run in the morning, but forced myself to put the trainers on and leave the house whilst talking to myself like a mad woman telling myself I will feel better after, which of course I do but not as good as I have felt! I followed the plan but dont feel like I did enough, is that strange? Also all I want to do is eat! I'm trying to lose weight as well and I am "on a diet" but should we be eating differently because we are running? Any healthy eating tips much appreciated.

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Definitely don’t eat more (calories); eat healthier ! This programme doesn’t burn enough calories to allow you to eat like an athlete, sadly. I find cheap salad mixes very helpful: you can crunch all day if you must and still not put any weight on 😄

So I can't blame the programme for feeling more hungry then lol 🤣 that's a shame!! Yeh I have been eating lots of salad and veg but just the last two days I'm so hungry! Maybe its hormonal. Was thinking to keep carrot sticks in the fridge and I've eaten apples and pears when hungry but dosent seem to fill me lately

Thanks for the tips 🙂

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Beginnermum

I blame the cold weather: brings out my primitive carb-hunting instincts 😂

Do you know I was actually thinking exactly the same 🤣

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Jansey in reply to Beginnermum

I find it helps to keep boiled eggs in the fridge but only if you like them, obviously. Very few calories and filling. Don't eat too many in a day, though. They can have unwanted side effects. 🤭

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Beginnermum in reply to Jansey

Haha 😅 I really love eggs cooked any which way I often have eggs for breakfast, but maybe on days I dont I will do that. Thank you. X

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Great you went out and ran even when you didn't want to. I drank the recommended 2-3 litres of water per day and still do and I'm never tempted to overeat . Good luck and well done 😊😊

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Beginnermum in reply to Buddy34

Yes to be honest I probably do need to drink a bit more water... I do drink it throughout the day but probably not enough!

Thanks for the tips 🙂

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Good advice from the other's. I try and snack on tomatoes and almonds etc because I haven't broken my snack habit...I am trying to wean off biscuits 😁.

You may like to consider going dairy free for a month. No other restrictions...but it does make you check packets and recipes. It certainly helped me. Good luck. Also the odd slip is not the end of the world. Every day is a fresh start. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Thanks for the advice yes I do snack too ! Not sure I could do dairy free, what's the alternative to milk in tea? Can't go without my tea lol

Well done for getting out there. Be careful about thinking you need to eat more. Maybe use an app like My Fitness Pal for a reality check on the calories we need.

I did c25k last year, fitness motivated and got quite hungry.

Protein is filling and so are healthy shakes; they take a long time to go through the stomach.

You’ll smash it, no worries 😊

Thank you for the advice, what kind of shakes are out there? I think maybe I will just have train my stomach to get full on fruit, hopefully it's just a phase.. 🙂

So, I'm not going to be a great influence here.

I changed my eating habits at the same time as starting this program. Little things that take no effort. Instead of a bacon and hash brown sarnie every day (Mon to Fri), I had fruit. I cut out the sugary treats that I loved. And I did start drinking far more water. Trust me, this really does make a big difference!

However, the morning after a run, I was starving and said stuff the fruit, I'm having a full English breakfast. Admittedly I tried to be good and I cut out the toast and the hash brown. I had scrambled egg instead of fried egg. But I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I did this for around 6 weeks before I could cut out the bad stuff.

So, i never lost weight, until the last few weeks. However, from about week 5, I noticed a difference in inches! Other people noticed too.

So even if you're not losing weight, you will still be getting a better body shape!

That said, if you want to do the right thing, dont listen to me 🤣🤣🤣

Happy running and healthy eating!

Haha no that's great to hear... I dont think my eating habits are really terrible, my meals are good it's just snacks... and im guilty of the old picking at the kids plates!!! I'm just so hungry at the moment!! But I did measure myself so hopefully like you say I will lose inches I didn't think of that!

I will keep trying with the healthy eating 🍏 and I will get out my water bottle with the measurements on and be mindful to drink more but I will definitely keep running 🏃‍♀️

Thanks for the advice 🙂

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It's common to want to overeat after a new exercise regime. It's partly psychological, but also your body's way of ensuring you're fuelled up for the next outing - except it goes into overdrive!

Make sure you are well hydrated all the time. It's easy to mistake thurst for hunger. Also, eat bulky lower calorie foods, like fruit and vegetables to give your stomach that satiated feeling.

Good luck.

Thank you speedy60, To know it's common is reassuring, thank you for the great info makes me feel better

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