Today's run - 3 firsts

1. Ran in daylight 2. Ran for 60 mins!!!!!!! :) 3. Ran in the WRONG shoes

Usually I'm a night runner and that limits where I can run as I need to feel safe but today ran at noon so ran through the park, saw plenty of other runners and enjoyed it so much that .... I ran for an hour. Chuffed about that, had only 2 running goals for the year and that was one of them. Three was weird. Had been running for 20 min before I realised I wasn't wearing my running shoes but had on some lace up sketchers instead. How did that happen?! So much for mindfulness but I told myself people also ran back in the day when there was nothing other than plimsolls to run in. Looks like my knees survived the experience. Brilliant run.


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20 Replies

  • Go you! V impressed!

    I have to say I love my Skechers... I think I could run in them too! I wear them for cycling!

  • They're a bit old now so not as spongy as they were in the beginning, still they got me through. I have loads of shoes but I wear them these all the time. I suppose that's how I put them on today, force of habit but really duh...

  • Well you survived with no harm done... I have a pair that are really old...but sooooo comfy! :)

  • Well done on all counts but especially the running in daylight! Is that going to be "a thing" from now on? :-)

  • Yep, absolutely. Won't manage it during the week unless I can creep out of the house very early without waking anyone else up but I'll definitely make Saturday a day run. Don't feel so self conscious anymore but not sure come better weather if I'll feel comfortable in just lycra tights and a tshirt. Think I'd feel a bit exposed. Is that daft? Have always run with a jacket so far which covered my bum.

  • It's not daft but you can run for an hour!! Get your jacket off and inspire others around you, that's an amazing achievement xx

  • Thanks jt. I always smile at and say hello to any runners I pass, especially if they look like they're new to the game but I hadn't thought about inspiring them with a view of my backside :) I'll keep it in mind though. Thanks for the chuckle

  • Well done! Funny how we hit those targets when we least expect it☺.

  • :) but so nice! Need some new goals. My only other goal was to take part in a charity run which I've signed up for at the beginning of May. It'll be 10k . Hopefully I can manage it and beyond that, don't know what to aim for yet.

  • Fab! I've got my first 10k event in May too! Have done the distance but it is a fairly undulating trail course😮! Hope to go over and check out the terrain over the Easter hols! Meanwhile I am working on hills to prepare. Am excited and slightly scared at the same time😮! Am also running for a charity so no backing down now! Good luck with your event!

  • And good luck with yours too Sandra! You're a much better runner than I am and your training sounds good. No real hills around here just the odd gentle incline but I can imagine runningup hills is great training. My run is in support of breast cancer research, what's yours?

  • Great choice. Mine is the Leatherhead Rotary Bluebell 10k trail run on May 1st and I have chosen to raise money for Youngminds, a mental health charity for children and young people ☺.

  • Sounds excellent. Roll on May!

  • I've got my first 10k next Sunday. Mine is flat (so I'm told!) and I'm still nervous and no doubt it will get worse as the day grows ever closer! Good luck with your "undulating" one!

  • That is very exciting! I had planned a nice flat one for my first too (Richmond Riverside 10k next weekend) but sadly it clashed with my sons drama showcase!! Where are you running? Lots of luck with it - look forward to reading the report!😀

  • That's coming up very fast jojo. I bet you're ready for it though. To be honest I feel a bit intimidated at running with what is no doubt a much faster crowd with lots of experienced runners. We can do this though ladies. Good luck and let us know how it goes next Sunday :)

  • Whoop whoop! That's fab. Running for 60 minutes is a long time! That's interesting about the shoes isn't it? There is a theory that says all we need is whatever is comfortable and your experience bears that out.

  • Well look at the Kenyans, running the hills barefoot I told myself, yet they run faster, lighter and longer than everyone else seems to do long distance,so in principle we should manage ok without all the fantastic gear, even if we are running on the wrong surfaces. Still skchers must be pretty good shoes if it took me that long to even notice I had them on. They're so comfy for walking too.

  • I can just see you automatically reaching for the wrong shoes and the look on your face when you notice after 20 mins😂

    60 mins is a long time - well done!

  • Oh thanks JaySee, good to see you're back out running too. Made myself a new playlist yesterday (3.5 hours!). Very optimistic, eh? Just good to have some variety. Inspired by a post on here yesterday, I put a lot of disco in it. Hadn't thought of disco to run to before but it tends to have a good fast beat and be very upbeat. Looking forward to trying it out!

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