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Week 1 Done! 😀


Today I really really really really didn’t want to go.

The reason I started this was because I had some bad news last Friday and for 2 days, I moped about and felt sorry for myself.

On the Sunday I decided to start something new, a form of distraction, so I started this.

For the first 2 times, I had motivation to do it and felt like I could, even though I felt absolutely rotten.

Today, I got some more bad news, so I really didn’t want to do anything today, especially run.

But I did. I mentally pushed myself, got up and did it and by the 3rd last run, I started to feel happier again.

I just think it’s amazing how a simple act can change so much and I wish everyone who felt low, was going through a rough time could try it.

I hope everyone gets that euphoric feeling that I get when I run. 🤗

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Sorry you’re feeling down, but this programme can really help. You’ve got off the couch and started! Keep going and the best of luck!

So sorry for your struggle. Stick with this program. It will take you to amazing places.


Well done you. (A *bit* of moping time is sometimes a jolly good thing too)

Oh wow, good for you for getting out despite your bad news. But doesn’t running help? It’s ‘you’ time, you’re doing your body good, and just for a few minutes you can get into a different zone.

Very well done for completing W1! Hopefully the running buzz will continue and it’ll help boost you!

Hope things improve for you, and enjoy your running!


Thanks very much cheekychipmunks!

Running does help! I started feeling a lot better after the 3rd last run. As you said it’s ‘me’ time.

Hope you’re enjoying your journey too! 😊

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Oh yes thanks, I’m loving it!

So glad it’s helping you. Keep in touch on here. Everyone is so supportive, as I’m sure you’ve worked out!

Keep running and keep smiling! ❤️🏃‍♀️👍🏻


Sorry about your bad news but really well done for doing something positive for you. Stick with the programme, it is great.

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Thanks O505k!

It is a great programme! 😊


Welcome.. and we are so sorry for the bad news bit!

Maybe some good news is that you have started a really great thing... this a super programme and the benefits both physical and mental are many:)

Check this post out...it is full of useful advice and will answer many questions:)


Enjoy the runs, keep it really slow and steady and begin to et the stress and strain get left behind you:)

Keep posting too... and well done!!!

Well done! You may not always feel like it but you'll feel the benefit by just getting out there. I am very new to this but the 'slow and steady' mantra works for me. There's lots of great advice on this forum. All the best!👟👏

Thank you HB!

You’re completely right and everyone on here is amazing, I’ve not seen one bad word been said at any point.

Much love 💕


I’m sorry I missed this Merriwink! You’re so right about that feeling. It takes a bit of push to get out there, but when you do...boy it helps to empty out so many tensions and upset! Keep running Merriwink! Wishing you better times ahead too! ❤️

Thank you very much Fab!

Things can only get better from here! 😀


Welcome, Merriwink.

I find running very meditative and it helps me gain a deep relaxation that is rare. I hope your running is blessed by similar calm feelings to help you cope with other things not so calm in life.

Motivation is fickle so I set a routine for myself and stick to it fairly strictly (unless injured).

Good luck with the next run. I hope it brings you joy.


Sorry to hear about your situation but so glad u overcome that state and end up runing. Well done.

Very well done😃keep at it that lovely feeling stays with you well it has for me .......

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