WEEK 8 Run 1 done!

Feeling really pleased with myself today. Not feeling great physically but gave run 1 a go and although I found it hard I pushed through and did it. I do find listening to Laura ' s timings doesn't help and will go back to my watch and music for next two runs. I find it helps to challenge myself to see how long I can run before looking at my watch. The other day it was 13 minutes on my first glance so I felt great as was half way there but when I here 5 minutes or 10 mins it feels like ages until the end! I do like hearing her at the beginning and end though :-) it's obvious that this programme works and I am still in disbelief at ME tuning for now 28 mins!!! How did that happen??? The only thing that's a bit of a downer, and it feel so superficial but it's how I feel, is that in all this time I've not lost any weight and infact have put a few pounds on! I know I've probably been eating more when it's unnecessary but feel really hungry on run days and usually have a good diet but have been slipping on this a bit so it's my own fault but feel like I'm sabotaging it for some reason...hmm what's that about! I guess I need to focus on this more... pleased with today though โ˜บ


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  • Well done on the run! In terms of the weight maybe you're building muscle which perhaps weighs more? My healthy eating plan has gone to pot in the last few weeks. I need to get back on it, but I am craving sweet things! I was tracking what I ate on myfitnesspal which was helpful. I realised I needed to be eating more protein. When I started doing this I felt fuller and stopped eating rubbish, but I haven't kept it up. Maybe weighing yourself isn't helpful? You are doing fantastically at the running so if you get back on track with the healthy eating perhaps the weight will sort itself out?

  • Hi Tess yes I've been using my fitness pal too or perhaps misusing it! When I add my exercise stiff in its like I win more calories to eat so I may just stop adding the exercise and try keeping within the 1200 calories. Like you more protein has felt better but just been adding in bad carbs. I don't like to be too regimented about food, healthy eating is kind of straight forward but I'm probably just eating too much. I don't I dually weigh myself but as I do want to lose weight thought I would once a month but will measure too I think. :-)

  • Awesome, well done on the run what a great feeling. I also understand where you are coming from with the weight, I weigh exactly the same as when I started this but have gone down 2 dress sizes, try not to dwell on it (as I will also try not too) and keep thinking how far you have come from day 1. Good luck with the remaining two runs this week and then you are onto the final week - yay :)

  • Well done on getting this far through the programme! Brilliant, I am in envy!

    I watched a programme a couple of weeks ago where the dietician said if over weight, just moving more may not be enough, you also need to adjust your diet. So that's what I am trying to do. I'm (mainly) eating healthily and definitely not eating more. The good news is that I have lost inches but also slowly lost weight. A valued (slim) friend of mine always used to say ' move more and eat less....simple'. At the moment that manter seems to working for me. Is it worth trying?

    Good luck with rest of week 8 and week 9, graduation here you come!๐Ÿ˜€โœŒ๐Ÿผ๏ธ

  • Thanks. You are right. It is that simple. Just need to do it !! Ha ha :-)

  • Well done you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Well done. My first week too. R3 felt better than R1. Decent headphones helped! Keep it up.

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