Post graduation run πŸ˜†

Well today was my first run since my graduation on Wednesday. Have to say it's the first run in a few weeks that I've actually not over thought it. Been having these "what will people think when they see an overweight lady running?" can I really do this? Who am i kidding? Things going off in my head and hopefully I've managed to get rid of them.

So off I went with my own music on, not really knowing exactly which route I was going to take. And I really enjoyed it. I didn't manage the 49 minutes I did when I went on Wednesday. But I did 33, im. Happy with that. As long as I run for a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week then I'll be happy. Hopefully eventually manage the 5k in the 30 minutes but no way near at the mo. I did slightly over 4k in the 33 minutes.

Thank you all again for all your fantastic support, I couldn't have got this far without you πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘


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  • Well done. Enjoy your running. Stay around here!

  • Absolutely! As long as you run 30 minutes 3 times a week, you'll be flying the c25k proudly and continuing the journey to a healthier you. It feels nice to go out running just for the fun of running, doesn't it? :)

  • Nice one Niknok.

  • Fantastic! Keep smiling , enjoying this has to be the real measure of success :)

  • Well done ! If you're doing more than 4k in 33 mins you really aren't that far off your goal. Stick with it and happy running...

  • I had those same exact thoughts. I ignored them completely. So glad I did.

    You could have a bash at parkrun. That's really fun that is. running 30 mins for 3 times a week will keep you fit. You'll get to 5 k in no time if you keep running that amount. 10k would be something to work to when you feel like. It's a great distance to do and in many ways much easier than 5k

    happy running!

  • I think the key thing is to keep enjoying your runs and it sounds like you are. Give parkrun a go soon!

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