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First post graduation run

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Morning All 😊

So...this was my first run off app with no audio telling me i might be feeling tired..blah blah blah...i set my audio stats on runkeeper to every 15 minutes & 5k only...i have to say i enjoyed it 😊

I hadnt reached 5k yet so i decided to plod on after 30 minutes was up until i had reached 5k.i guess this is what i will do now to try & achieve 5k in under 30 minutes?

I found running without Michael Johnson positively liberating(sorry Michael!!!)& even though it didnt feel like an especially great run i am pretty happy with the end result especially as i had barely any woken up at 4am...have come down with some sort of lurgy & havnt eaten properly for days as the stress at home is having a detrimental effect on my appetite πŸ˜•

Onwards & upwards x

13 Replies
Millsie-J profile image

Well done Claire, 5k is a great milestone. A brilliant time too, you are speedy. Enjoy!

in reply to Millsie-J

Thankyou very didnt feel very speedy!!!

MickGJ profile image

Yay, 5k! And with lurgy, too.

I thought I'd stay with MJ for a bit but dropped him immediately and don't miss him. I also thought 5k would take me ages but like you I just plodded on, and there I was. Distinctly unelegant towards the end but no matter.

5k in 30 mins feels like more of a challenge though. My times vary a lot but with no sign of a downward trend. Does your runkeeper give you splits for each km? I find that really interesting.

But I'm in a bit of a dithery state at the moment...should I try and run longer distances or just keep chipping away at the 5k time? Or both? I've signed up for the "bridge to 10k" magic number thing but I fear I may have got a bit ahead of myself.

But I've decided to swallow my aesthetic objections and take Laura and her dreadful "speed" music for a spin next week.

Hope you feel better soon.

in reply to MickGJ

Sounds like you will get there if you stick at it 😊 i am certainly not a glamourous runner at any stage especially towards the end!!!i am.just going to plod on & see if i can get to 5k under 30 minutes

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to MickGJ

Hi Mick, Mapmyrun gives time and pace details every 0.5k or every 1k etc. Its a free app. Not as reliable as Strava so I run both on my runs...😊x

Well done on that 5k run Claire :) that is a really good time too... :)

There is absolutely no need to keep trying to get faster, this will happen naturally the more running you do. The C25k + podcasts, shorter runs, longer runs are all part of your reportoire now. Its your journey and entirely up to you.

You could keep doing one 5k a week and two thirty minute runs then once you are finding the 5k really comfy start thinking about longer runs if you have the time.

Here is the link to the c25k + podcasts...

in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thankyou for the advice...its much appreciated 😊

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Sorry your under stress, delighted at your first PG run :)

Well done you ☺☺☺☺

in reply to Irish-John

Thankyou 😊

Theziggy profile image

Well done Claire

in reply to Theziggy

Thankyou 😊

MikeJones68 profile image

Another great run, Claire. Keep it up and try to block the negativity at home.

in reply to MikeJones68

Thankyou very much...i will try 😊

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