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Scared (20 min run looming)


W5R3 day tomorrow and I’m already thinking I can’t do it! How have I gone from 5 min to 8 min to 20min runs in one week. Any advice?

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This 20 minutes run of week 5 does scare many people including myself before I ran it for the first time last May, but once you and others have ran it they like I was and you will be after you run it be very proud of yourself. Just take the run especially slow and steady, good luck, incidently, I have been rerunning some of C25K recently after being off running for a little while during the winter, this Saturday morning its the turn, second time round for run 3 of week 5. 🏃 😊

Flyoverflower in reply to AlMorr

Thank you. I am enjoying the podcasts so I understand why you might do that.


You’ve got this. The plan has been preparing you for this run. It’s just about getting out there, run at a nice comfortable pace and forget about the time. Listen to a good playlist or podcast and enjoy. Positive mental attitude, you can do this and you will be able to run for 20 minutes.


Thanks, sounds like good advice. I just need to change my outlook and think a little more positively.


I felt exactly the same way however I did it and did it comfortably. It really is mind over matter. You will be so happy once you complete it- you got this! x

Flyoverflower in reply to PVH1

I know I’ll be happy, astounded if I can keep going for the whole 20 mins. The support comments have really boosted me on here tonight.


I was exactly the same, infact I very nearly talked myself out of doing it, but I was soooo glad that I did it. And actually found it 'ok' - and am finding the interval running / walking in w6 more difficult than the solid 20min run! Which I cant quite get my head round, but I think you'll know what I mean when you get there. You'll be surprised how much your body is ready for it. 👍🏃‍♀️

I can relate to that. I’m already thinking I could postpone it until Saturday...

I’m feeling much more positive after everyone’s kind words on here, thank you.


Have you checked out the week 5 myth buster on the FAQ section here?? My next run is also week 5 run 3 and after run 1 I was dreading the 20 min run but having read this post I’m looking forward to the challenge. Good luck!

No, but I’ll go and find it now. Thanks.


Week 5 does push you on, but you are ready for it. Look back at the other recent runs and count up the minutes of running over the session. All this run does is join them up. And the “fast walk” intervals have been building your stamina too - they aren’t in there as a rest cure but as a clever bit of physiological training. Trust the plan and take things slowly. If it feels tough, run a bit slower. 👍😄 You will do it!!

It does seem scary, but take it slow and steady and you will do it, and you’ll finish it with the biggest grin on your face!

Thank you. I will try and trust the plan. I track my runs and enjoy looking back at the times and paces. Hopefully this will be a good one to look back on too.


I felt just like you but decided I had to trust in the programme and give it a go! You'll surprise yourself and feel BRILLIANT when you've completed it. Let us know how you go!


Try reading this

You can do this.

Well, I did it. I think walking might have been faster at times but I ran the whole 20 mins, including some uphills!

Didn’t feel the euphoria. Knees were aching at about 10mins. Had problems with the podcast and it was talking me through a week 3 run, but I just kept going for 20 mins. Yay, we’ll done me.


Well done, maybe take a couple of rest days if your knees were achey. And bravo for running the uphill bits, that's still my pet hate! Feels good to "conquer" them though!


Well done Flyover. Fabulous achievement. Good advice from Debston. I felt very achey after my run on Tuesday and just couldn’t face it yesterday but I managed to run today and felt so much better.

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