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Ran for 20 min

Hi I just done week 5 run 3 and I got to say I can not belive it when you look at the app and it jumps from 8 mins to 20 I got to say I though Laura was mad but I done it the only thing is that IAM worried IAM not going to do 5k 3.1 miles as I only covered 2.3 miles and that included the 5 min warm up do you get faster to cover it ? Or am I worring to much

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Nowhere it says that you have to run 5 k in 30 minutes... some can, but it is not the aim of the program - the idea is to run 30 min non-stop, and generally when you can manage that you'll find that adding the 10 minutes to get up to 5 k is quite easy, definetely much easier than week 1!! I still do 3.5 k in 30 minutes, and am happy with it!


You are worrying too much !! The aim is to train your body to be able to run for 30 minutes non stop. For some people that will mean that they can cover 5K for others not. BUT if you can run for 30 mins you can probably run for 5K it will just take you a bit longer. I graduated in the summer and although I can quite easily and comfortably run 5K and do so at least twice a week it does take me 32-35 minutes depending on the terrain. I am thrilled with this as in the spring I couldn't run for the first 1 minute. Don't get bogged down on the 5K in 30 minutes thing. Celebrate the fact that you can run for 20 minutes non stop and 2.3 miles isn't bad either. Could you run for even 1/2 a mile when you started ? You are progressing fantastically well, be pleased with that. Speed/distance can come later....


Hello Ballanty!

Yes that 20 minuter is a real doozy thee first time and probably the one that everyone remembers. But, I bet you felt really great when you finished it!

Don't worry about the distance. It will come. If there were a rule (and there are none - no one is judging you here!), it would only be that you continue to challenge yourself one way or another as you go forward. 2.3 miles this week? Perhaps 2.4 next. Maybe the next lamp post or maybe 2.3 miles just a little faster.... Whatever gets you out the door is good!


Of course you can do it - it is a massive milestone you have reached completing week5 run3! You should be very proud :) I wouldn't worry too much about your distance and time as it will definitely improve the more you run. You have a couple more weeks and taking it slowly and steady at this point is the aim of the game - finishing each week is what your aiming for and you don't want to injure yourself especially when your doing so well!!


Thanks everyone for your good advice


Don't worry about the 5 k, just keep plugging away slow but sure. You're doing really well!!!!

Week 6 up next, and if you continue to go steadily, chugging away, you'll wrap that week up too without coming to any harm. Emphasis on taking it slowly

Have fun!!!!


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