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20 min Run

So have just completed the 20 min run for r3w5 and I feel pretty awesome. I went slow sometimes really slow but I didn't stop and didn't walk. I expected to be more breathless but I think because you consciously keep a pace you are comfortable I wasn't.

I also used a tracking app just to see how far I went and I did 1.3 miles so I know that this isn't great for 20 mins but now I know I can do this I can start getting faster.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone on here who has been so positive your support really helped me.

oh and I had a little hangover this morning as it was my birthday yesterday and I still got up and did it and now I feel fine

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Ive just came in from that run this morning too !! Never thought id be able to run 20 minutes and was really not sure before i started.. Feel so pleased.!! Well done :)


Well done to both of you!

Lots of reports recently of people running really well with hangovers, I may need to increase my alcohol intake!


Happy birthday for yesterday and congratulations on a great run - feels great doesn't it when that 20mins is safely under your belt? Happy running and good luck with the rest of the programme.


Well done! Its lovely when you get that one under your belt. Happy Birthday for yesterday too. Enjoy your running x


Happy Birthday for yesterday.

Fantastic well done on completing week 5


Well done for finishing week 5 and the 20 minute run. The distance you achieved is quite acceptable at this stage. As you already know, the programme is designed to build stamina and the ability to run for 30 minutes by week 9. You are now going on to week 6........Please treat it with respect. Week 6 is definitely not the time or place to think about increasing speed or distance. The return to intervals is no soft option and can catch people out after the euphoria of doing that 20 minute run in week 5. Week 6 is, possibly, the toughest week in the programme. This is a time to take things very, very slowly (and even slower than that), very steady and keep calm, in this way you will get through the week okay. Good luck with your first run of W6 and very best wishes.


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