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1st solo run


I have always been in total awe of you guys that do this alone, getting the motivation to get up and out. I have always been part of an actual C25k group than ran once a week and then had a friend who ran the other two runs. Since graduating ..I still have people motivating me to go out, but yesterday I had no one ...for the first time since this all started I went out on my own!

Wow ..it’s so much harder not to stop when you don’t have another person with you, so you guys doing this alone physically are AMAZING !

Anyway ..It’s not often you get close to nature in West London ..but I was rewarded with a couple of “friends” who nearly got in the way. Just sharing as it made me very happy I got out to run.

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Wow! How beautiful! And we’ll done you. And now you’ve done it - you know you can do it again!!

Good for you! Well done!

I've always ran alone personally. I started and finished the C25K alone and I still run 3-5 times a week alone. It really can be hard to find the motivation sometimes and yes, it's often too easy to give in. I'm glad to hear from someone who realises and appreciates the fact.

On the other hand, I love the freedom of running alone. I can choose when I start and what route I take. I can go longer or shorter depending how I'm feeling and what else I have on that day. I'm not reliant on how anyone else is feeling or what's in their diary.

Enjoy the scenery, make a good playlist and have fun! :)

Runfatgirlrun71Graduate in reply to DeanP

DeanP. ..ironically when I am

With someone I actually put head phones on and run behind them

So on my own ...but not. It really is so much harder alone alone so hats off to you. I am going to try and become more independent of others haha..at least once a week.


Oh wow how lovely :)

Oh! That’s amazing! What a lovely reward in addition to completing the run, seeing deer!!

Runfatgirlrun71Graduate in reply to ScotchBrothx

It was ..but then I saw a few more in my path ..just pleased is not rutting season !


Lovely pic! Happy happy ! Nature nature everywhere 🐰🐰

Runfatgirlrun71Graduate in reply to Keston54

It’s a rare sight in this concrete jungle, glad I ignored the hills and went to the park instead of the streets for sure !


Lovely pic ! I always run on my own although I have Coach Bennett in my ear from Nike Run App so he keeps me motivated but yes it’s willpower sometimes to not stop...love putting on some good tunes and the freedom of running outside 🏃‍♀️

Good luck and you never know you may want to do it again !


Well done! I was so nervous and self conscious the first i ran on my own but it's liberating with music on!

Agree about it making you more motivated as so much easier to stop if you're alone, i think get to the end of this song and you'll be fine 👍

Runfatgirlrun71Graduate in reply to Nannyto2

That’s what I did ..if really struggling I fast forwarded to a good one !

Nannyto2Graduate in reply to Runfatgirlrun71

This forum keeps us motivated doesn't it, virtual.running buddies!

The stepping stone podcast is good although a little fast for me at the moment 😉


Amazing scenery and wild life too 😊


Well done Rfgr! I joffle on my own and rather enjoy it- me, my music and if I feel like it I can just change my route when I feel like it. But one day I will try running with someone else - and then I, and they, will really find out just how slow I move!! Love the picture!

Runfatgirlrun71Graduate in reply to Oldgirlruns

Hah yes...I once went out Witt my brother ..I didn’t see him for dust lol

I'm sorry.... but you are going to have to change your name.... to Rungirlrun71.... you are looking GREAT, and I LOVE that picture. Well done on your solo run... I've done lots and only occassionally gone with a friend, and if you are in the rhythm, and have an app or some music a solo one can work well, and it's nice to have a change.

Meanwhile I hope you have found your ideal pace on which to improve on, and are feeling more comfortable heartrate/breathing wise now.

Keep on enjoying your runs .....fellow Graduate!


Runfatgirlrun71Graduate in reply to primaballerina

Thanks hun. Not yet..but the pace is slow and consistent ..heart rate still high but I am using the watch to keep it from going over. Hoping some more fitness will help it long term :))). X

Have you pulled back from trying to fit 5K in 30 mins? ... I'm getting to 3K in 31 so I'm really pleased!!!!

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