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1st winter run

It’s been six weeks since I’ve run,having done my last one in Florida, I’ve made all the excuses( I’ve had a cold, busy at work, too much socialising ) but really what was stopping me was the cold and the treacherous ground conditions ( I fall over my own feet ) but today I found I couldn’t focus myself to get things done so after some delay I pulled on the gear, plugged Sarah in at week 7 ( I had got to week 9) and went for it and how glad I am that I did,it’s given me a boost I needed and made me realise what it is that I’ve been missing the last few weeks( I’ve not done any excersise ).Here’s to the next run🏃🏼‍♀️

Hats off to everyone that is keeping running regardless of weather conditions, your an inspiration.

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Thank you 😁


Excellent effort. Impressive that after six weeks away from running you got back into your stride with week 7. You are well on your way to graduation.


Thank you. I too was impressed ( lots of chocolate/ wine at work ). I plan to start the new year graduating and to continue the running journey 🙂


Very well done you!!


😄 thank you. Reading everyone’s post does help to inspire.😃

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