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First solo run!


I finally did it, I went out for my first run on my own this morning and surprisingly, I loved it!!

I got up early and headed out at 6.30 am, as I left my house I was asking myself "why am I doing this?" but once I got going it was great. The only people I saw were dock yard workers on their way to work, a fellow runner and a couple of people on bikes. Once I got up to the field where the majority of my run would be taking place there wasn't a person in sight!

The grass was wet, there was an eerie mist everywhere and I felt like the only person in the world as I put my earphones in and just ran! Why didn't I do this before?! It was so peaceful and kind of relaxing in an odd way. I think this is how I will be starting many mornings from now on!

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That's great to hear! I love the early mornings too (plus I like it that not too many people out to witness me in action lol) :) Sounds like it was just you at one with nature = fab! :) Keep it up! :) :)

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Thanks! I don't know why I was so scared to go out without my friend, it just seemed like an impossible thing to do but now I'll never look back!


Looks a nice place to run. Well done for the early start!

Nice work :-) early morning runs are the best I find, especially when you're in the countryside. It felt like autumn this morning - very damp and a lot cooler. Will be out the door at 6.30am tomorrow myself - yay!


I'd love to do that and I love fresh morning air. Only problem is - I'm not a morning person. Any tips how to make it a habit, apart from obvious (going to bed early)?

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I wish I did, this was my first early morning run. I only did it because I'm doing the Race for Life Pretty Muddy in 5 weeks and haven't been doing enough training for fear of running without my friend. But as she's on holiday I just had to do it and thought morning would be easier as there would be less people to see me.

I made sure I had my running stuff laid out close to the bed so I could just throw them on. I told my husband my plan so he wouldn't let me sleep and I set my alarm for 15 mins earlier than I needed so I felt like I was still getting to hit snooze ;)

I'll let you know if I find any other ways as I try to do more morning runs!

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Good luck with your Pretty Muddy. Did one at the beginning of July with my daughter (walked most of it) and it was great fun :-) That's partly what set me off on C25K, I want to run it next year.

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I'm both really looking forward to it and terrified all at the same time. I'm looking forward to the challenge, I'm scared I won't be able to get my sizeable bum over the obstacles! Well done to you doing it this year, even walking it I'm sure is a challenge and I bet next year you will be flying! :)

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The obstacles weren't too bad. The real challenge was getting enough mud off to get it the car. A 2 litre milk bottle of water helped but still ended up stood in the car park in my bra & knickers to the dismay of my daughter :-D Age means I don't care!


Morning runs are the best! Clears all the cobwebs away and gets you ready for the day :) So well done on braving the run solo. That's the guts your going to need when pretty muddy comes around and you've just proved to yourself you've got them :)

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Thanks so much for your kind words! I really hadn't thought about it like that, but you're right! If I can get my jiggly bum out of bed in the morning and run around for all the world to see then I can get it over any obstacle pretty muddy throws at me!! :)


Sounds lovely! Admire you for getting up so early, not something I can manage. Running in the morning does set you up for the day though.

I'm not a morning person either, but when I used to do Zumba in secret with a DVD in my living room first thing (harder now with cats as they run in and try to participate!), I used to turn it to my advantage and tell myself I was exercising in time that would otherwise be wasted because I would just faff about waking up and drinking tea rather than actually doing anything useful. That way, you feel you have got ahead of yourself.

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Exactly! I wake up at 6am every morning as that is when hubby gets up for work. I then just snooze in bed until 7am, or worse I sit and look at Facebook on my phone. That is definitely time that can be much better used!

I'm another morning girl. After getting up early for work for many years I struggle to ever sleep past 7am! I have more energy in th morning and love getting out early. Looks like a really nice place to run you have there. 😀


Well done for finding the strength to go out on your own! It was a big thing for you and you did it - hurrah! 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

It is lovely in the early mornings, it's quiet calm that feeds the soul and of course, not so many around. So happy you have found the early morning run and loved it. Onwards you go...........😊😊😊😊

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Thank you! I'm really pleased with myself and actually looking forward to doing it again tomorrow :)

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