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Solo run No.4


Another week has passed us by, some folks have now become graduates, some have just become members (so nice to see new names and faces) and then we have those who are at various stages of the program and have settled in.

I will start by saying Good Evening to all fellow members, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.! Followed by an inspirational quote for those not feeling so good or have had a bad run.

"There are no shortcuts. Be patient and look long-term. It's a foolish idea that if you do a little more, faster, then you'll get better than the rest. It ignores the fact that you must train at your optimal level, not your maximum level. Consistency is the secret to improvement and success. You have to keep training when others lose interest." -Robert de Castella, 1983 World Marathon Champion.

So this evening's run was Solo No.4. What a cold night it turned out to be!! A new route today, found some roads/paths that I didn't know existed or where they led to and ended up slightly further afield than I would have liked. I don't know if it was the temperature or if I had just had a good run, but managed to set a pb of 31.06, sliced of 20 seconds :) .

The run itself went quite well, breathing was a lot heavier today ( I wasn't feeling tired) which took me by surprise. Don't know why, could be the cold weather who knows.

Which now brings up a question to fellow runners, on these cold winter days/nights.... "what's the norm running outfit?" I currently run in tights, a long sleeved running top, and sometimes with a base layer. Tonight I felt that maybe another layer or something would have been better, but then 5 minutes into the run and you are warm and think good job i didn't. So what does the C25K community recommend?

Like always thanks for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful day/night. Enjoy your forthcoming run/s!!

:) Saul.

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Shorts, long sleeve t-shirt and a jacket for me. Hat and gloves if it's looking really cold outside 😊


Sounds like you are going great guns Saul and I love that quote! My sister (who is a regular HM runner and now training for a marathon) commented on my progress at the weekend, and I said it was just down to the fact that I just keep getting out there, plodding on!

As for layers - I usually run in running rights and a t shirt with a light waterproof running jacket on top for warm up. If it's cold and dry I might use a hoody and gloves instead.

saul01Graduate in reply to Sandraj39


Thank you. Feels a bit weird running solo, but am improving with every run. How you progressing now?

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to saul01

Am running two x 5ks and a long run at w/e. Long run up to 10k in 1hr 3mins , so quite chuffed! Love being out on trails ☺

saul01Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

Wow 10K runs already! Well done you. Did you do any special preps or just built up distance as you went along?

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to saul01

I did graduate back in October so its been a while really! Just exteded one run a week - first to 6, then every couple of week's ie up to 6.5, 7, 8 and then 10! Have followed what has felt right for me rather than sticking religiously to a training plan!

saul01Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

I think I'll take up that approach next month :)


Pastures new eh? Same for me for my last run...good isn't it?

Great run you, especially in the cold. :)

I think the cold air definitely makes the breathing harder... I have to run with my Buff pulled up over my mouth!

I must admit.. I bundle up this weather, the early mornings are a tad nippy to say the least! Layers..three... leggings, ( thermal if really cold) and a lightweight running jacket + my Buff and hat.. and gloves!!!

I just unzip or peel off if I get warm.Sounds like a lot of clothing, but all lightweight running togs.

I am a lot older than you, so maybe I don't get as warm as quickly.. but it works for me this weather :)

Great post and enjoy your runs !

saul01Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

It was an odd run last night, I got hot/warm enough to start sweating, yet I still felt cold??

Great quote!

I get very warm when I plod, but am always freezing when I start off! I wear running tights, t shirt, widproof jacket with gloves and headband, then unzip my jacket and strip off gloves and headband when I start over heating.... (Just psyching myself to go out now..... I know I'll enjoy it once I'm out.... Just got to get those trainers on.... 😜)

Have a good day everyone - enjoy the sunshine!

saul01Graduate in reply to Karen214

This is what generally happens to me.. cold as I set off, warm/hot whilst running, and then freeze when I'm on the 5 min cool down.


Well done on the PB Saul :)

I usually run in tights , base layer shorts and top and a long sleeve running top , if it is like - something then i'll put a lightweight jacket on and maybe a hat

I seem to remember reading you should dress as though it is 10 degrees warmer , due to warming up when running .

You can always remove a layer if you get too warm

saul01Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thank you, it feels nice when you achieve a new pb. Think this was aided by the fact that I now only know how far I have run, without any split timings... takes your mind off the good/bad run scenario.


I think I need to buy a proper lightweight running jacket. At the moment I use a Muddyfox cycling jacket, which is 0% breathable and therefore it may as well be raining!


I'm lucky enough to be able to go out in daylight. I usually wear warmer tights, t and a long sleeve top which ends up round my middle half way thru! Always have a headband to cover my ears (prevent earache) and usually gloves as my hands are almost always freezing :)

Well done on your PB

saul01Graduate in reply to Jeleybelly

Thank you. Only time I'll be able to run in daylight is when the clocks change back. By then it'll be T's and shorts time :)

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