1st Park Run!

Lovely day for it but I was nervous and there were presentations and speeches which delayed the start a little because it was the 4th anniversary of the East Park run. It was hard work and weird running with other people (who nearly all streaked past me. - including a man pushing a pushchair), but I would do it again. It will be better next time now I know what happens and that you have to run up a funnel at the end of the course to get your chip etc...

I got a PB, - according to my Garmin 34.53 - but I think the official time might creep over 35 since I started near the back behind the start line and didn't realise you were clicked at the funnel and not the flag but even so it will be a PB for me! My previous best 5k running alone with my Garmin was 35.21.

What a brilliant set-up! I promise to volunteer before the year is out.

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  • Glad you enjoyed it Zizzy, once you know the course though it gets mentally easier and you'll almost certainly clock up a few PBs if you go regularly. It's good fun volunteering too. :-)

  • Well done on your 1st Parkrun, glad it was a positive experience! i now enjoy running amongst others, it was my 5th one today! :)

  • Phew! I read the summary on the 'posts' page, the final few visible words were ".... running with other people (who nearly all streaked" and I was thinking "ooooh, errr!!!!!".

    Well done on your run.

  • well done...it is fab isn't it???!!!

  • Well done on your first park run and PB. Good luck with your future runs and best wishes.

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