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Almost on the IC :(

Hello running chums :)

I ran 14km on Sunday 6th, then 12km on tueday 8th, and I havnt run since. I posted that my ankles and knees were troubling me a bit at the beggining of tuesday's run, and that then they felt OK after about 40 minutes so I carried on to 12km.

Well, wednesday my right ankle was swollen at the front and both ankles were feeling stiff and a bit hurty. Right ankle has stayed like that since then, so I havnt run again yet. But this morning it feels a lot better, and most of the swelling seems to have gone. So I'm thinking of trying a little run this evening, no more than 5km just to see how it goes.

Anyone else had ankle swelling at the front, just above the angle? It feels stiff, and a bit hurty to the touch.

Anyway, happy running all :)

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Ouch! That sounds sore and worrying. One long run a week!!


What is a long run OG ? more than 5km? Maybe I've been over doing it a bit.

I saw Eddie Izzard doing a load of marathons back to back so I thought if he can do that then I must be being a wuss if I cant do 10km each run. Having said that, he did do his marathons extremely slowly, even so, a marathon is a marathon :)

I need to be careful, I dont want to have to stop running due to injury, but I dont want to be un necessarily cautious. I guess that is always the dilema !


Hi Zev, if you have a look at most training plans, they advise 4 runs a week where 3 of these are regular 30/40 minute runs. One long run is the one that builds up every week by about 10%. Make sure you have a rest day after the long one. They also recommend the long run is slower than your normal pace (1 min/mile slower).

Loads of training plans on the web, google it and find one that works for you! I'm constantly modifying mine as i want to avoid injury yet make progress.

good luck!


Thanks OG. Still adore the Avatar by the way. He has a very determined, yet somewhat bemused expression :)


:-) hope you're up and running soon. Take care and let us know if you find a good plan. (A runners holy grail :-) )

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Ankle feeling OK this morning so went for an early morning run with Laura and C25K+ stamina. Managed 5km, ankle fely ok most of the way, but started to become uncomfortable for the last 5 minutes or so. Did lots of stretches at the end and had a long cool down walk.

Ankle feeling not too bad half an hout after my run.

So the good news is that it seems that I'm not quite on the injury couch, but the bad news is that I'm back down to 5km runs. That's better than no running though :)


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