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Post heart surgery????

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OH and I both graduated C25K August 2018. OH was advised not to run anymore as had seriously blocked arteries resulting in a triple bypass four weeks ago.

He is doing very well and hopes to be given all clear end of this month.

Has anyone on this forum returned to repeat the program after this surgery?

Once he gets the green flag he is planning to start from w1r1 and I will do it with him - with consultants blessing of course.

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If it helps, it’s not quite the same, but .. I had open heart surgery in 2012 for a valve repair, and my surgeon told me afterwards that with the right training there was no reason I couldn’t complete a marathon. I never have obviously, but just his words gave me the confidence that I could do what ever I put my mind to after my op. Hope that helps.

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Lynne1916Graduate in reply to Time_to_run

Thank you and good luck with your c25k program

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Hi Lynn

As we are not medics we always advise that individuals take advice from their clinical teams.

Good luck with the programme.

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Lynne1916Graduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you for your reply. I know you are not medics which is why I have asked if anyone else has had this kind of surgery and how they have got on.

We shall be acting on the advice of his surgeon of course

I had a triple bypass in Nov 2015, I am now 61 and somewhat overweight due to inactivity and that is mainly due to worrying about exercising after the op! I've started C25K and I'll stick to it , good luck!

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Lynne1916Graduate in reply to Ex-submariner

Thank you submariner - keep me posted on how you get on. Ps best thing I ever did

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