Running naked with MrDeliaItaly

Oh my goodness. Running with my OH was quite an experience.

First of all I ran naked (see Dan's blog for definition of nudity --- i.e. without music -- not in the buff). Second OH was once a real athlete. The complete opposite of the stereotypical eyetie, he is 5'11" and large. An ex-judoka beaten by a British lady back in the eighties when she landed accidentally on purpose on his left shoulder in a European championship hence since putting him out of action shoulder-wise. Anyway, he thinks he knows all about sport (yawn!).

He started running real fast. He was beathing in and out loudly from the start and at first I couldn't keep up with him. I couldn't settle my breathing -- something I hadn't experienced for ages. But in the end I ignored him and did my own thnig. I suppose I am an independent runner !? He ran for 30 minutes while I continued for an hour clocking 7.5K. No music. No quizzes. But no boredom either. I just wish I could get him to do the C25K program. He would do it brilliantly. And lose the beer-belly gained in the UK where he works. Like it or not, there is much to be said about the mediterranean diet :-)


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44 Replies

  • Oh shame, no pictures!! Sounds like a good run though.

  • Pictures on Friday -- promise!

  • Wow that sounds like fun... And well done you for your run and stats . I hope Mr Deliaitaly gets the is naked running all the rage now? I might give it a bash!!!

  • The trouble with "real (ex) athletes" is that they are soooooooo sanctimonious and think they know it all. Telling me how to breathe all the time (yawn!)

  • That made me chuckle, Delia! I'm afraid I can't run naked because I hate the sound of my breathing and the thump of my feet hitting the ground - also, I have a low boredom threshold so it's better if I have something to listen to. Well done for just doing your own thing, particularly with your OH. But hang on, what's this about him being a real athlete? I would consider you a real athlete too!

  • When we were first married, we went skiing in the Alps. I hated every single second because -- unbeknown to me -- I was pregnant! And boy carrying those skis around was hell on earth!

    We were both beginners. I was still a beginner after 2 weeks. He was doing the black slopes like a gold-****ing-medalist! Grrrrr.

  • >"We were both beginners. I was still a beginner after 2 weeks. He

    > was doing the black slopes like a gold-****ing-medalist! Grrrrr."

    That would really make me mad, too!

  • I'm with you Annie - hate hearing my breathing and need the distraction! Sue

  • Haha! This made me laugh Delia :D I dont think they have to be real ex athletes to think they know it all in my book!!!

    I run quite regularly now with my OH and he is neither a sportsman nor runner, though he is very good and has more stamina than me despite being 9 years older, grrrrr! The trouble is I'm becoming quite reliant on going out with him despite doing the whole programme and winter on my own but he now has it in his head that he is my personal trainer, bless him!

    I do tend to have my ipod though as talking and running is beyond me plus like Annie I hate hearing my breathing but occasionally I do have a naked run!! ;)

    It would be great if you could get him into regular running though; keep trying!


  • you mean naked running isn't like this? Unfortunately it looks like we have all missed our chance to show them how us C25k'ers do it !! - but maybe next year we could enter a team hey?? ..

    So far I have always run solo & with running I find there is something which just hits me every time I get in the zone. It is just for me, it's my time and I'm doing it my own way and I don't think I would want to run alongside someone (or behind them/ infront of them etc)... especially if you feel that you must keep up or slow down so they can keep up - I would find it a bit off putting too.

    I think you hit it on the head there - you do your own thing, you've found what works for you

    Enjoy your running & keep up the posting too

  • The race is (was!) held at "Tything" barn. i'm sure many wobbly bits needed tying, don't you? The mind truly boggles :-D

  • OMG!! I have heard of naked running but cant think of anything worse!!! I'm certainly NOT organising this team for C25K!!! ;)

  • Definitely not a hands on job! :D

  • Nice one!

  • Exactlly, how wobbly....(talking of which, e-mail bounced but thanks anyway!)

  • Oh dear....

  • I'm sure in one of the weeks of C25K Laura tells you to picture yourself running alongside a hedge, keeping your head still and not being too "bouncy" - and only looking 12 paces in front...

    Think we might need a different tactic here!

  • Oh my, I am cackling away at that Sue! He he! Count me out too. :)

  • I have no objections to this in principle but the practicalities would mean that parts of my anatomy that are normally decently confined in three layers of high-tensile Lycra would... no. Let's just not go there. Ever.

  • :D :D :D

  • Just had a proper look at the link...that is not a pretty can see you would definately need the orange sweatbands for head and wrists, and probably one for the waist and neck too...all that sweat with nowhere to go...

  • Oh goodness gracious me! How daring! What would the NHS say to that?

    Definitely solo from now on Matthew!

  • I'm afraid I have to tell you that it was running 'properly' naked on a cold day on a plage naturiste in France, two years ago, as a way to keep warm, which led me to think that I could do this running lark and which led me, 6 months later, to starting C25K. So there is at least one bona-fide naked runner in our midst, although all my C25K running has been clothed.

  • How utterly fabulous!!!

  • We could have a group photo like we did for 5x50

  • And done tastefully, Calendar Girls style. We could cover our modesty with... ???

  • Absolutely -- Gok Wan style please!

  • I have so many questions! Mainly practical! where would you put your water, tissue... the list is endless. Think I will stop there...So many images in my head, oh dear...


  • Walked through a nudist beach one year. And yes, I met a senior colleague who insisted on shaking hands with (bikini-clad) me. Actually he kissed my hand. Back at work every time I met up with him I kept remembering the scene. Not a pretty one. And he was standing still.

  • ..... I'm just trying not to imagine what the post race stretching would look like!...

  • You have just put me off my lunch Matthew!!!! :D :O

  • oops! .....

  • Ugh! How disgusting!

  • I hope we don't get told off for being politically incorrect. You know, wobbly people might object to this (hilarious) conversation. Seriously. People actually went out and ran naked? Oh dearie me...

  • Far from it - I think we as a community embrace everyone pretty well already & if someone wants to have a wobble we should let them ....

  • :-D :-D :-D

  • ...and I was just getting over the shock of naked bike rides! No the images are still there, mind you must be painful on a saddle?!


  • I'm in... Ill be off out naked running tomorrow - but ill keep my orange sweatband.

  • that's it! maybe we could all get them as our team strip - just an orange headband and a wry smile!! - "there goes those nutters off C25K" ....

  • What a crazy thread this has turned out to be! I love the idea of an orange headband strip for the nutters group!

    You're all bonkers.

    That's the great thing about our blog site!

    Thanks all of you for the laughter! BRILLIANT!

  • When I did the parkrun in Australia they had a naked running competition for charity hsd me worried but turned out to be no ipods phones watcjes etc and you had to guess your time winner was whoever was closest

    As to nude running om too fair would get sunburn in some very painful places

  • I've not used music at all since starting back following my injury lay-off in June. I like the freedom to just go as I please with no pressure on pace. But I've also done a couple of runs where I've tried to keep to a steady fast(-ish) pace without any aid, such as music or virtual pacer on my Garmin. It's not that hard really when you know the effort you need for the different terrain and know your own body. Mind you, I've not tried any fast sprint intervals yet without music.

  • Well that was an eye-opener! Made me laugh so much that I had tears in my eyes and couldn't read the screen very well. Meeting a work-colleague on a naturist beach sounds... ooooooooooh! A tad awkward.

    So - if 'naked' just means music-free, I suppose I'm a naked runner. I wonder what the response will be at work when I tell them about my naked running.

  • My dearest C25K -Community!

    It's 7a.m., I'm sitting on the now so often abandoned couch, a cup of coffee in my hand and switch on my notebook to find out what has happened in the world. As usual, I also have a look at this community page and the first post I read is this one.

    You all made my day! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!!!!

    PS: If we really start a naked C25K team, we could perhaps chose "Jingle Bells" as theme music...

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