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Repeating wk3!

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I should have done W4R1 today but I wasn't sure if I could manage 5 minutes of straight running yet!

I did run during Xmas week but I took a break from dieting and then was a bit poorly yesterday with a sore throat and chest cold. Today I felt a bit off at work and I was in two minds about running after work as usual or taking a rest day... But really want to get back on my fitness and diet routines since Xmas so I came to the decision to redo week three this week whilst I recover and build my stamina and strength up again!

Now I am wondering how I would have done if I had tried week 4? But I think I should just be pleased I at least got out there! And I'm feeling much better right now so hopefully my illness is behind me!

I must say since I've been exercising and getting fitter I DO still get ill but it seems to come and go a lot faster than it used to!

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Nice... your immune system appears to have benefitted along with the rest of you.

This week on the calendar we stop doing a lot of the things we normally do, and we have fun over indulging, spending time with family and friends and recharging the batteries... so it’s ok that running takes a back seat too. I plan on doing just the same every year at the same time... if I run in that week I run, if I don’t, I don’t care.

A week off here and there is something the pros do... you’ll come back fresh and it will feel great to be back out there. With a bit of illness it won’t hurt to ease back in with a repeated week... even though we all know you can run those 5s... it’s your journey and any decision you make is the right one. Don’t think you’ve missed a week of running... be damn proud that you’ve done 3 with 6 more to come. Focus on what you have done, celebrate it every time you lace your shoes to go and do it again... that’s all every run is, a celebration of the work that went in to making that run possible.

Happy running and happy new year.

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A repeat run is a sensible choice if you’ve had to take a break, but you don’t have to repeat the whole week. Why not try 4:1 the next time you’re out and see how it goes ? I bet you’ll nail it 😄

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