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No Motivation, help!

Hi all,

I literally have no motivation to run. I'm on week 3- should be further by now since this is my fifth week of running but I spent a bit of extra time on week 1 as I had done no exercise for about 2 years prior to starting c25K. And also because I have not been running as often as I should have.

At the minute I just am not motivated at all. If its dark by the time I get round to going for my run, or raining, I struggle to get myself out there doing it. My partner started the programme a week before me and is on week 7. Just wish I had the motivation to get on with it! Just feel so rubbish at it :( looking ideally for some words of encouragement or how you motivate yourselves?


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I run in order to stay healthy. Would that work for you, is it motivating enough? Come on, you can do it, it is soooo beneficial!!!


You've already taken the hardest step, and that was deciding to start at week 1. You wouldn't want to waste all the effort you've put in so far would you? ;)

Have you thought about running early morning? I'm much better then than I am late in the evening when I just want to settle down on the sofa. I lay my running kit out the night before, set the alarm an hour early and then run before breakfast. It really sets me up for the rest of the day and I feel much better for it.

Alternatively, get your partner to drive you a couple of K down the road and then throw you out of the car (possibly not literally). Now you've got to get home. As you are in your running kit, you might as well listen to Laura whilst you wend your way back to the comfort of your armchair. You'll find that a lot of your problem is in the mind rather than physical. If you've got to run to get home your mind isn't going to object.


I find that running in the morning before work is best and having the kit ready helps. Having planned days to run and keeping a log of all my running helps. I don't want to have a blank week on the chart. Some mornings though the duvet wins! :-(


Put your kit on *then* make a decision about whether you're going or not: I usually find its easier to go out and run than take it all off again and have to come up with excuses to myself!

Be kind and patient to yourself: if you've had a long stretch with limited exercise your fitness level will be quite low and the first weeks or even months are likely to just feel like a slog. Keep going: once your heart and lungs are stronger it's likely you'll start getting a real buzz from building up your legs, but it takes time to get there, and that's ok. push through the crap but to get to the joy.


Hi Betty,

What about tomorrow morning ? I think if you get your gear ready tonight so its there and put it on first thing and get out there tomorrow . Once youre out I am sure you will feel lots better and its a great way to start the day.

I do understand that it can be hard to motivate yourself when its cold, dark and wet but you can do this , y'know and just imagine the lovely hot shower you can have when you get home !

Good Luck and let us know how you go on xxx


Have you done that thing on here that tells you who is near you? Maybe there is someone who is local who can pal up with you and get you out? It's different to your other half doing the encouragement bit as it's easy to tell them to leave you alone! Company and a gossip helps! I find that there doesn't end up being a race, it's just time-out.


Click on your name and in the drop down menu it says People near me.


I am another advocate of first thing in the morning before breakfast. I know if I left it to the evening I would struggle to do it. Yes you may have to be out in the dark depending on where you live / what else you do, but for all but you will be surprised how often it's a beautiful day first thing in the morning with the sun coming up. Lay your stuff out the night before.

Ultimately only you can motivate yourself to do this. A routine, and a promise to others that you will do it will help.


Hi Betty

I was wondering if you are finding it hard because you are running a bit too fast to begin with be careful of speed! The other thing that helps get me out is a bit of guilt and knowing I'll feel better after! Remember too we all have bad runs no matter how long were running! I try to find something good to focus on if I'm having a tough run like the scenery round me !

The biggest thing to remember is don't be too hard on yourself enjoy it and nothing will ever be as hard as getting to your first 5k it definitely gets easier! Happy running


Don't worry how long it takes you to complete "a week" .I found some runs took me 2 or even 3 weeks to get through them. It is hard to be motivated sometimes but you CAN do this! Put your kit on and go for a can then increase to a run if you want, if not, well.....hey....there are no running police!! Its your choice. But as you are dressed for running you might as well give it a go. Oh look... You done 2 minutes might as well keep going....before you know it you've done the run and are looking at the next week. Good luck


Hi Betty, i'm motivated by the fact that its 30 mins of "me" time, no kids, no housework and no husband, just me!!

I've taken my time on the weeks, completing them when I find that i'm happy with my progress and when I've felt ready to move up a week, don't find it discouraging, its about being realistic and being confident in your ability. Good luck and just enjoy the ride x


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