Parkrun worries 🙁

Hi all. Getting myself psyched up for parkrun this morning but a bit apprehensive. Haven't been for a few weeks due to other things going on. Have been out running about twice a week but this week not been very good. I've had a lot of stress as my dad is ill and didn't sleep on Wed night. Went out for a run on Thurs afternoon as I was determined but was a disaster! I ran/ walked for about 20 min then gave up and walked home. I was just totally exhausted. Really felt quite defeated. Anyway I find myself today with changed plans so now able to go to parkrun but now worried I can't do it. I have done 3 so far since I graduated at Xmas and managed them although it was hard going at times. It's raining at the moment but thinking I should push myself and try to do it. I will post later with update. (Thinking to myself now I have to do this or else there will be nothing to post lol!)

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  • Hi, hugs to you, take a deep breath, and will be fine......just go, join in, relax and do what you can...

    Mx 🤗

  • Thank you. You're right- I shouldn't stress about it- just do it! x

  • Well I'm volunteering this morning, I'll look out for you and cheer you round.......😉👍


  • I'll be the one plodding away at the back! x

  • Do it.. even if you just walk a bit and run a bit... it will ease your body and mind...

    Rain ? That's just wet.. hot shower after.. great! Go for it, don't push yourself, just trot along and enjoy..


  • Thanks for the encouragement Floss. You are right of course- as is Madge! xx

  • Go Lorna! Rooting for you. Good idea to post here first - gives you the accountability factor to follow through with it.

    I'm marshalling at our parkrun this morning and currently thinking "Hey I didn't order rain for this!"

  • Thanks Anne. I'm going! Got the gear on.....

  • Go for it Lorna, enjoy it all. Run, walk, skip, glide whatever you feel like just as long as you are out there 😀🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

    We will be there with you in spirit remember! Let us know how our run goes!

  • Thanks jacs! I will be thinking of you all as I run/plod x

  • A plod is as good as a sprint. Enjoy the fresh air and the camaraderie ☺

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