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New here! week 1 run 3 complete

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despite it being christmas I decided to start c25k and week 1 is finally done! it was DIFFICULT as i've not run since i was in school and am morbidly obese (though have lost 120lb in the last 5 months and counting!) finding it hard to run for the full minute on my own tho im sticking with it. much easier when have a running buddy (human or canine) but not always possible. looking forward to week 2 tomorrow.

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Huge well done and welcome to you..please check this post for Newbies out :)

So much useful advice there...Take it slow and take it steady and keep posting your runs please:)

thanks reading the post as we speak!

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

Do check out the guide to the plan linked to by Oldfloss.

Enjoy your journey.

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Well done. Just do what Laura says and don't peek/worry about what's to come. Slow but sure, and you can do it.

Well done. You are amazing. If you found it difficult you can always repeat it till you are comfortable with the minute runs? But if mentally for you that’s not a good thing then carry on, you’re doing great!!! Well done again xxx

i did week 2 run 1 today and found it much easier than the entire week 1 lol

It’s funny how it works sometimes eh?

You go. I’m starting week two possibly today if time allows but if not tomorrow. I am looking forward to it too.

Well done. Keep going. Xx

just home from w2 run 2 and that was tough but i've got some not running related injuries to deal with but i definitely feel better than last week. slightly dreading next week tho as its a big jump. Did you manage your run? if yes then well done! if not then good luck for tomorrow!

No but I’m up early tomorrow to do my run to start the day. Early night tonight.

Well done. You will manage the jump up as long as you do as the app says. Xxxx

enjoy your morning run!

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A nice Xmas present to yourself! 😸

And starting before New Year's resolutions time shows a bigger commitment to the plan.

Go at a steady pace. Even if it is close to your walking speed.!

Happy running!

🎅 Xmas Katnap 🎅

Well missed yesterday but did this morning. Feeling epic. Now the bush dat begins but I’m ready for it. How are you? X

sore but loving it lol

I see predictive text did it thing with my message apologies.

I’m loving it too x

lol i hate predictive text it alays fucks me over but at the same time i can't spell

Language Captain!!

Just done W2D2 I’m really loving it. It’s hard but the afterglow is amazing.

just done w3r1 the last 3 minutes were hard but its fun!

Excellent work. Well done. I, like you, am loving it. I’m enjoying wrapping up and the fresh air when I’m out too. Makes a huge difference to my psyche.

yeah i've found running in thick tracky bottoms and hoody is to warm as i end up sweating like a big but today i ran in shorts and hoody and barely even broke a sweat

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