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Not doing well 😔

Hi first post although have been lurking for a while.

I started off doing a different c25K app (which seems different to this one) but I was doing that purely on a treadmill. Managed to get to week 5 and then had a rubbish run and gave up. I restarted from week 1 and got to week 4 and then decided to carry on by doing it outside.... what a mistake! It was a million times harder!!

So I restarted again from week 1, started off well but due to work I can’t run 3 times a week, I’m up to week 4 (again) only running maybe once or twice a week if that. I managed run 2 but that really challenged me. Last night, after not running for a week I decided to redo week3 thinking it would be ok. I shouldn’t of gone as soon as I got out the door I had a stitch. Managed to complete a 3 min run before I had to abort and walk home 😔

Feel deflated, I know I should be running 3 times a week so that’s probably settin me back but that ‘run’ last night has made me lose all my confidence.

Think I’ll restart week 3 in the new year and try to commit to 3 days. I’ve signed up to a thing where you run 25 miles or more and get rewarded with a medal.

Any advice with failed runs and confidence being knocked?

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I would actually restart from week 1 using the nhs program we all used on here. If you really can't manage 3 times a week then get out when you can but it is only half an hour in your day so maybe try to plan in the 3 runs a week. I would also slow your runs right down, just a really gentle jog. You hav'nt really said what the problem is, shortness of breath ( going too fast), or aches/pains ( could be footwear related). Take the time to read the info about running on here. Perhaps a new Year fresh start is just what you need.

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I would draw a line under the last run and put it down as a rehearsal. We all have 'bad runs' but when you are just starting out, they can feel very demotivating. Over time you will come to realise that one difficult run does not mean that the next one will also be tricky. Of course this is also true of the 'good runs' :)

It sounds to me that you are struggling with the mental challenges of running and possibly going too fast. You need to find a pace that is sustainable, the pace that enables you to keep going, rather than setting out to fast and running out of oomph. Stamina needs to develop and you can worry about speed later.

I wouldn't rule out the outdoor running, it's easier to fit in than having to go to the gym and it is so much more enjoyable in the long run. I often didn't (don't) manage 3 runs a week but I think one run a week at this stage is probably not enough and may be holding you back. Maybe you can do a run, have two days rest and then run again. A big part of this is discipline, but it also has to be realistic and fit in with your life.

Have you read the Guide, under the FAQs? it is really helpful. Also I think that being active on here will help you. You can get and give encouragement and share the challenges with people facing the same runs as you.

This programme is great and I am sure you will be successful! Good luck

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Remember the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for ! You’re clearly a trier because you keep coming back, so be proud of you for taking all those punches and still coming back for more. Not everyone can manage three runs a week and some of us need to repeat loads of times, but none of that matters. That’s why there’s a repeat function, because we’re all different. My main tips would be, don’t go fast - embrace your inner snail, as they say around here ! - and keep hydrated. You can do this, and we’re all right here with you x

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and explains the recommended easy conversational pace that you should be running at, which makes it so much easier and enjoyable.

Doing three runs per week is optimal, but we all have to fit in around life and you will still make progress, albeit a bit slower.

Keep posting on here and you will be cheered to the finishing line.

Enjoy your journey.

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Try this along with all the good advice above.

Next run, forget about distance and "fast". Your challenge is to run the time as SLOWLY as humanly possible.

It's harder than you think not to break into a "walking step" but - you will be able to focus on what your body actually does when you are running, it's a lot of fun or at the very least "interesting" and it will help you with figuring what "pace" means to you personally.

Running too fast is easy and a subconcious thing - learning to run at a proper pace is tough. Try it and you may be surprised how overly fast you are running in your regular runs for you.

Wishing you many happy miles in your future ☺


Thank you for all your replies 😊

Im determined to be able to eventually run 5k. At the moment I always carry on waking/running 3 miles. My pace is about 11:12, my best was 3.5 miles in 37 minutes. My problem is my pace, I can’t seem to get it regular; either too fast or too slow. I’m naturally self critical on myself so when I see people post on various groups with their pace and time, I feel the need to match them or if not be better! Obviously they have been running a lot longer than me.

I hate running for 5 minutes, but it’s all in my head! On the way home I tend to run in sprints, I set a little goal like run to the next road then walk until a car passes then start running until I get to another road... strange I know!

Fresh start in the new year and will try to commit to 3 runs a day come rain or shine. I’ve got a month to run 25 miles so I can get my medal from ‘race your pace’

At the moment I’m out of action as I’ve pulled all my muscles in my shoulders and back (probably from running) funny enough my legs and knees haven’t been effected!


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