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Doing my own thing? right or wrong?


ok, downloaded the ap ages ago. Have managed long times on the treadmill but could never get past 10 mins outdoors. This week i tried again, dived straight into wk 3 run 2 and did well, wk 3 run 3 only stopped once for the whole commentary. Last night i did the wk4 run 1 without stopping at all. A total of 25 mins. i am aiming to keep working through the runs but running through the walking parts if i feel ok. I love being told by Michael that "you're doing great" My 25 min run was only 2 miles though.

Am i ok doing my own thing like this?

Also am now on day 18 of not smoking so that is clearly helping.

all comments and advice welcomed :-)

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If I am reading this right you are already an established runner on the treadmill... in which case using C25K to transition to the great outdoors is probably a good idea, but if you’re just running the whole thing it does seem a little pointless... your tracking app could do the timing too!

If you’re not an established treadmill runner you’d be much less likely to get injured if you stick to the plan and do exactly what it says to do.

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am fairly established on a treadmill, but i generally get too warm. My thought process is if michael says i can walk then am not being a wimp by walking but if i feel ok (albeit it slow) i carry on. Its my mindset more than anything i think. Plus a smarta**e husband who just has to beat me :-( I'd be content doing it on my own but you know we have to do stuff togevver.................. :-)

have to admit am on a high still from running that length of time,

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Ok... I get it now... well if you can do 30 treadmill you can dip in any of the runs for sure. The other thing that might help is the “running with headspace” on Nike’s app... they’re guided runs that take your mind off the actually running.

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ooh lovely, i will have a look at that. Im not tech savvy enough for podcasts etc, my son put the music on my iphone for me.


Your doing great. Keep it up. If I was you I would stick to the plan. It is designed to build up your stamina slowly. It sounds like you will have no problems. After week 5 the runs get longer with fewer walking breaks. So take the walking breaks for now, before you know it you’ll be running a full 5K. Your ahead of most so enjoy and best wishes with the rest of the plan.

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thank you, I am keen to get out there also today but am going to force myself to have a rest day, plus my stairs need hoovering :-)


I would recommend that you read this guide to the plan

In answer to your title question, C25K is a structured training plan designed to get new runners running for 30 minutes with minimal injury risk. While the plan is based around building stamina, not speed, over 9 weeks, it takes many more months of continued regular training to build full strength and significantly reduce injury risk. Departing from the plan is at your prerogative, but considering it is successfully tried and tested over several decades, it seems to me to be the perfect route to that thirty minute target for a new runner, rather than a somewhat random pick and mix approach.

Many feel they know better and want to do it their own way. Many of those probably get away with it, but we also know on this forum that many others get injured and have to stop running for days, weeks or sometimes months. Everybody thinks they know all about running........... until they discover all the stuff that they wished they had known before they did too much too soon.

Take care.

Yes I'd follow the plan from here on, and walk when it says, especially if you are running outside, the different surfaces you run on cause different stresses in your body. And sneak out on your own for goodness sake, nobody needs competition when they're trying to build up their strength and stamina.

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Thank you. I will. Sneak out?? Haha it’s like I have my own personal stalker. That’s partly my problem I’m 47 and have always been independent however I got married 4 yrs ago to a lovely but insecure person. I just want to run away sometimes 😃😃😃😃

Well if you have to run with someone, make absolutely sure you run AT YOUR PACE. This will be exactly why you couldn't get past 10 minutes. When you start to struggle or get out of breath slow down. Ooh, and wouldn't it be a pity if your pace was too slow for your OH and he went off on his own!!? 😏😇

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Oh yes I see what you mean 😊 I like to stay a distance behind him too it curbs the urges to push him into traffic bahaha 🤣 (joking) partially 😊

Eek! 😱🤣Well, all I can say is good luck, and do what's right for you. And keep posting, lots of good advice here.

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