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Not doing well... :-\


So, Child 2 and I did our colour obstacle run a few weeks ago - although with at least as much walking as running, as they've decided they Don't Like Running! And since then, I'm not sure if I've been for a run at all :( I really don't like running in hot weather, there's been assorted stuff happening in the evenings, life has got in the way, and now I have a weird vertigo thing (BPPV, if that means anything to anyone!) going on which means I'm dizzy every time I move my head! :(

On the bright side, DD1 has finished her exams and has started running! She's done three (maybe four) early morning runs in the past week or so, so I'm very pleased (and quietly astonished!) :)

I'm hoping the GP's advice helps to sort out my balance so I can get running again - I do miss it, but am too unsteady even walking at the moment to want to try running, and definitely not along the riverside!

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Hi RainbowC, I was just thinking about you yesterday, sorry to hear you are having problems with your ears and balance (I looked up BPPV) and hope you recover soon.

Its great that DD1 has started running, hopefully you can do so together when you are better.

I agree about hot weather and running, it doesn't feel that long ago we were all bemoaning the snow and icy conditions though does it😉.. Spring and Autumn are much more tolerable!

Thank you for the update, and get well soon 😊xx

RainbowCGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

I'm one of those strange beasts who quite likes running in the cold, and even in the snow (when it's not too slippery, at least!), and I don't mind the rain generally. But heat just defeats me completely. Ah well, this is England so it's not likely to last long... ;)


Hope it passes quickly so you can get back to being your normal self and just do everyday things with ease. Best wishes.


I don’t like running in the heat either.

I do hope your vertigo can be sorted, I can’t imagine how miserable it must make you feel to be dizzy all the time.


Oh dear, you poor thing. I had a very short spell of dizziness after lying down a little while ago and that was horrible. I do hope it improves quickly. Best wishes to you.

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