I'm New & Enthusiastic! (but am I doing too much?)

Hi all!! I've just completed the second run of Week Five!! I decided that I really have no concept of time when I'm running - thank goodness for the podcast to guide me. But what if I'm not finding the run "enough." I found that when I was on week 3, I'd actually some days do it twice... Week 4 found me doing both 3 and 4 in one outing, and now that I'm doing Week 5, I first did the first run 1.5 times, then when it was time for the second run, I did the first and second run together.... am I Over-training?


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5 Replies

  • It all depends where you are starting from. If you already have a good level of fitness and are used to this degree of exertion, then you may well find that you are okay, but I am the forum party pooper and always say err on the safe side. If you are new to this amount of exercise, then you are definitely increasing your risk of injury, which could stop you in your tracks, delay your progress and even do permanent physical damage.

    I can't tell your gender from your name, but your attitude is a very masculine approach. I remember finding the first few weeks of C25k very easy and wondered whether to skip some weeks, but quashed my macho inclinations, deciding that in the scheme of things nine weeks was not a very long time and that the designer of the programme knew more about running than I did, so followed the plan....only getting my first injuries after I was out on my own.

    My approach has come about from my own experiences and from reading others on this forum. Good luck.

  • Yep, don't do,it. I would stick with the programme . There will,be plenty of time to do more when you have had time to build your running legs.

  • I'm with the party poopers! The programme has been designed by experts to get us through to running for 30 minutes without injury.

    It's worked for thousands of us now. Stick with the programme - unless you really know better.

  • I agree with all above. The injury couch is no fun at all! Slow and steady is the way, using the evidence based C25k programme! Don't forget to enjoy the journey.

  • Yep. Follow the programme.

    it is a sure way to reach the aim of running for thirty minutes comfortably and enjoyably! The view from the IC is not a good one...use your rest days for other exercises; cycling, yoga , swimming and other training will help and strengthen you.. and maybe get rid of any surplus energy :)

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