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I did it! Week 5 run 3!


I cannot believe I ran for 20 minutes and I could have continued!

I didn’t of course as I follow the program. Does that mean I am almost a runner? I am looking forward to the rest of the weeks. If I can do this I can do anything.

July this year I started walk8ng daily and the first two weeks nearly killed me! Now I can run for 20 minutes.

Can you get a high from running? Legal of course!

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Great stuff, well done you 👍

And yes you can get a high from running.

You've done the best run in the plan.

Enjoy Wk6, take it steady and let us know how you get on 👍

PatchpetGraduate in reply to Nita49

Thank you I am looking forward to continuing now and believe I can complete this!


Well done patchpet, I love reading posts from people that have just cracked that run, psychologically it's a game changer! Great job, keep that smile with you through the rest of the programme 👍

PatchpetGraduate in reply to uncle_wiggy

I know I keep grinning to myself!


Definitely. Keep obeying Laura and you will be.

PatchpetGraduate in reply to Oldishrunner

A runner very soon


Well done, great work. Don't be surprised if week 6 seems harder when you go back to short runs again. Lots of people find this. But by the end of next week Laura will tell you you're a runner now!

PatchpetGraduate in reply to DNB2512

Yes I have read week 6 can be tricky. I now want to run and not walk and run. Maybe Michael may even sound excited by the end of week 6!

Congratulations... you’ve done the worst bit... keep on running


Thank you but I actually don’t think I could stop I think I have the bug!


Congrats on cracking that 20-minuter! I did mine on Thursday and I don't think I've stopped grinning since and I would definitely say that you can get a high from the achievement! I think you can safely call yourself a runner now - I know I am! Best advice I had here after my 20-minute run was to respect the runs in Week 6. I think it is harder now to stop and start again rather than keep running, but it's all about building your stamina to run increasingly longer sessions. You're over halfway through the programme now, and you are a runner! Well done!

PatchpetGraduate in reply to Amerynthe

Thank you, I have told everyone I know I can run 20 minutes. I am still smiling. Yes I will be sensible next week as I just want to run now and not stop and start but as always I will follow the program. Congratulations to you as well another fellow runner 🏃


Great reading your post just when I am starting W5, obviously scared of the 3rd run...if you did it, I can do it too👍.

Thank you for your inspiration!

PatchpetGraduate in reply to Nottooold

All I can say is follow the program. I am still beaming and really thought who am I kidding. I start week 6 tomorrow and actually looking forward to it.

You will be great looku g forward to you next post when you say you've cracked it.

Follow the program and go slow or even slower!

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