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Week 7 completed!


Just finished the 3rd run for week 7. Still can’t quite believe I’m “running” for 25 minutes. When I started this I didn’t really think I’d be able to complete it but was just using it as a way to change my weight loss routine. Now I can see the end in sight and I know I will be running for 30mins in 10 days time!

I’m already thinking what I will do after I graduate week 9. Need to keep this momentum going and not slip back into my old ways.

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Great job. Yep, in my opinion now is time to start setting running goals. I set 3 when I started, one short term (graduation) one mid and one long (happens to be a marathon for me) and having the other two still has made transition during consolidation much easier, my focus is still very much there.

Enjoy week 8... the strength should be coming pretty quickly now, just love the runs.


Likewise. Really thrilled I’ve got this far. Still a bit apprehensive about W8 but I’ll do it

Likewise for me. I have a mini plan - starting Park runs after I have graduated and then a few months of consolidation up to Christmas. And then aim for a 10k programme

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