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Week 7 completed

Yay! Week 7 done. I ran with Laura's podcast for runs 1 and 2 but I decided to try my own music for run 3. The time certainly seemed to go a lot quicker. However I learnt a couple of lessons.

(1) it seems to be a mistake to change my running tempo to match each song.

(2) I got stitch at 12 minutes and then discovered I was singing along under my breath.

I did enjoy sailing past the winning post with Iggy Pop though. I'm going to be running back to Laura for w8r1 but will have a look at other people's running playlists.

Thanks for all your support,


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Well done, James. I finish week 7 tomorrow so it was good to read your blog. Your own music certainly helps though more for trying to get tbrough the run rather than using it as a pacesetter.


Thank you and good luck with the run tomorrow. We're getting there!


Iggy Pop, good choice :D Have you tried using that website to choose songs to match your pace?


Thank you - I will have a look at forthwith


Wow that is a brilliant site. Just what I need. Thanks


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