Hi Everyone...I have just completed Week 7....its Amazing...I cant quite believe it somehow !! I was going to go early this morning bout 6.30ish but my body was tired due to a late night so ended up going about 8am. Got outside sun was shinning brightly..."Oh No" See, should have got up earlier I thought, Oh Well nothing I can do about it now ....Just get going stop whinging... so set off and it wasnt as bad as I thought, the sun I mean...You know, that first 5 minutes of the run when Laura comes in and says thats 5 minutes done, it just goes so fast for me...I love that bit !!

I felt I went a bit better today on the way back, but was glad that she came on and said that only 5minutes to go now so plodded on, feet didnt feel too bad like previous runs where they felt like cement blocks that had to be lifted up & down. I even got a bit excited on the way up started singing to the song but decided I had better calm down as I should conserve my energy just in case I needed it for later, didnt know all the words anyway.

So thats W7 completed, I dont want this to end...only 2 more weeks to go...I cant believe it, it has gone so quickly up to this point. So now looking ahead to Week 8 on Monday just hope that it goes ok and I WILL be getting up early as the forcast for Monday is 33 degrees, so it will be a warm one..well I hope all you Week 7ers had a great week and Good Luck for Week 8 and will look forward to reading all about it next week. Keep Running !!! xxx


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13 Replies

  • You aren't dreaming it...YOU ARE DOING IT!!! :-)

    Look at you...a RUNNER!!! :-)

    Keep Running!!


  • Awwww THANKS !!!! I know you keep sayin this....but I dont feel like a RUNNER, yet !!! Mind you, Don't know what I'm waiting for !!! Probably the 5k Park Run thats coming to my state....YAY....1st December....will keep you posted on that one but for now "Head Down, Bum Up" No not literally....but Iv'e got a graduation to Pass...hehehe.....Thanks guys for your support xxx Hope you are both going well xx

  • Hi, Pinkus! Congratulations on completing week 7! I'm off out to do W7R3 tomorrow morning. Really looking forward to getting into week 8 :-)

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your lovely weather - winter is creeping in here in the UK!

  • Well done Pinkus - I'm off to do week 7 run 3 later today and I'm absolutely amazed that I've got this far as well!

    Best of luck with the last couple of weeks of the programme. XX

  • Yeah us - my w7 r3 today as well. First w7 run that has not been a slog - really settled into the run at last and felt good - so good in fact I trundled off to do 20 lengths in the pool afterwards(yikes how did this happen???).Radio 4 comedy (free) podcasts are my latest cure for Laura's music and they last 28 mins so perfect for w8. Laughing and running at the same time? We can so do this!

  • Love the idea of the comedy podcasts to run to Lucy; must look into that as another option to mix things up a bit.....Sue

  • Well done pinkus; just a couple more weeks to go! The temperatures sound lovely but not sure for running in; no wonder you prefer the early morning...... Sue

  • Hi Pinkus-well done you!!! No you're not dreaming-but I remember the feeling well hon!! So glad you are sticking with Laura-I find her an inspiration-and the music too. it won't be long now before you Graduate. Takes a few days before reality sinks in with that too. You can do it-remember only another 5 minutes onto what you have just done, and 2 minutes onto week 8 runs.

    Good luck for the park run-you will have Graduated by them, so will feel comfortable doing that.

    Sooo pleased for you!!! :-)}}}}

    Colette xx

  • Well done Pinkus - love the idea of having to get up early to avoid the sun - the water's 9C here in London when I have my post run-dip. Strange how we don't quite want this to end , isn't it?

  • Well look at you Pinkus!!! Head down and bum up, you are a runner! ;-) I agree, I never ever felt like a "runner" until completing my first official 5K this past weekend. I'm slow...but I'm a runner! :-) I tease and say I WOG... a combo of jog and walk speed. :-) WELCOME TO WEEK 8! YOU GO GIRL! :-) Gayle

  • HAHAHA Love It !!! I wonder what is the difference between a Jog & Run.....any idea ?? Am I a jogger or runner ?? Who knows.....Have a great week xxx

  • I can't believe you're going on to week 8 already Pinkus, time flies! Glad that you're enjoying it and achieving loads :) It's really nice to read blogs where it's hot and sunny; I'm sure it is difficult to run in but it sounds lovely compared to the cold of the UK.

    Good luck with week 8; only 6 more runs and you'll be a graduate!

  • Yeah its an odd feeling....only 2 weeks left....I often think of all you guys over there running in forests, woods, etc I am near the beach which is lovely but when it gets hot it just knocks the stuffings out of you and you tire very quickly when your running. Thanks for your support xxx

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