Week 7 completed

Hi everyone :)

Another week bites the dust :)

As regular readers of my weekly updates will know, I'm quite apprehensive before starting a new week and w7 was no exception, and to be honest, it's the most apprehensive I've felt so far!

Upon starting r1 it felt fast and within 30 seconds I thought that I may have to slow my pace down somewhere during the run. However, after the initial shock of running at 9km/h, I seemed to get into my stride and, after numerous glances at the timer and wishing it would go faster, I managed to complete it. I was so chuffed with myself :)

The second run of w7 couldn't have been more different and I almost enjoyed it ;) I felt that the effort needed to complete it was a lot less than in r1. I hardly glanced at the timer and it was over before I knew it. In fact, I felt as if I could have ran for longer but decided against it ;) Needless to say I was feeling great after that run and looking forward to r3.

The third run of w7, well, this was the hardest of the three runs this week which could be down to a number of reasons. I was feeling a bit lethargic arriving home from work, I also didn't eat anything (I normally have a meal then run approx 90 minutes after) and my three year old grandson has got chicken pox and we had him stay over at the weekend. Whatever the reason, I found the last 8 minutes hard going but ground it out and managed to finish without slowing down or stopping.

Week 8 coming up and again I'm hoping to up my running speed by 0.5km/h to 9.5km/h to keep me on target to reach the goal of 5k in 30 minutes. Again, fingers crossed I can do it ;)

For w7 I walked at a pace of 4km/h (w6 at 4km/h) and a running speed of 9km/h (w6 at 8.5km/h) covering a combined walk/run distance of 4.4k for each of the three walk/runs.

In old money (approx): 4km/h = 2.5 mph. 9km/h = 5.6mph. 4.4k = 2.7 miles.

Best wishes to everyone working their way through the c25k and to all those thinking of starting, just go for it :)

Regards, Paul

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19 Replies

  • Great post Paul. Strange how running experience can be different from 1 run to the next! Good luck with week 8!

  • Thanks :) Yes, it is strange but I think this has shown I'm not able to run on empty ;)

  • Thank you, KK :) I've not been a breakfast person either, couldn't face eating anything first thing on a morning. However, the last year or so I've been eating mainly fruit a bit later in the morning once I've arrived at work. Today was the first time I hadn't eaten a meal before my run mainly because I wasn't really hungry. However, I think it's at least shown me that I need energy, too. I don't think I'll be missing my meal again any time soon ;)

  • Great stuff Paul, youre on the home strait now, if you've done 25 minutes, you can do 28, that's the way I looked at it anyway. I also break it down into 5 minute chunks in my head, it just made it seem more manageable to me. Good luck, almost there now :-) xxx

  • Thanks :) That's the way I was looking at it, only three minutes more and I've also been breaking it down into 5 minute chunks. I think it was you who recommended this a few weeks ago and it's worked well so far.....thanks :)

  • You're doing really well, I still get confused by all your facts and figures, but you are getting through the runs and seem to be positively enjoying yourself. Only 6 more to go.....

  • Thank you, henpen. Sorry off any confusion ;) Yep, only 6 more if all goes well :)

  • Well done Paul , you will do it .

  • Thank you. If I don't reach my goal of 5k in 30 minutes then it won't be the end of the world but I'll give it a good go :)

  • Well done Paul and you are nearly there. The 5 minute chunks are working well for you! If you can - on week 9, reserve most of your energy for the final 5 (this can be practiced on the end of week 8 too). Good luck Paul! We have every faith in you achieving your own goals and continuing success. Keep believing! :)

  • Thank you, Carole and thank you for the advice. Appreciate that :) Yes, the 5 minute chunks really do help me and help me to keep believing ;) Thanks again.

  • well done you, love the stats and I am so sure you will nail the sub 30 5k...well done :)

  • Thank you, juicyju ;) I love stats, too :) The 30 minute 5k is still on and I'm more determined than ever to complete it ;) Thanks again.

  • Congrats on a great week. Don't worry about Week8. ... It's not even a whole extra chunk..:) Happy Running x

  • Thank you :) You're so right re w8, it's not even a full chunk :) I'll keep that in mind when attempting w8 :)

  • hi Paul, well done! You are doing a great job! Starting W7 here, all okk. Best regards.

  • Hi ana :) Thank you. Great to hear you are ticking off the weeks, too. Good luck with w7, I'm sure you'll be fine ;)?

  • Well done Paul. Keep it up. I have just completed week 7 myself as well! I haven't yet tried to check what speed I am running at, but what I have noticed is that I am going at about half the pace I normally do if I am running uphill.

    Like yourself I find each run can be different with some being really hard going. Stick with it and maybe we will graduate together....

  • Thank you and well done to you, too on completing week 7. Good luck with 8 and on completing the c25k :)

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