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W7r2 tough going but did it

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I think I’m getting impatient as I’ve not yet found my pace/groove on these long runs, I really have to use all my mental strength to keep going to the end (which I always do). Every one of the 25 min runs have been mega tough going so far. Still proud of myself and very much looking forward to achieving success at the end (will be truly amazing to see ‘gradute’ next to my name!), but I would love to enjoy the feeling of running too! I’ll be so chuffed if that happens! In the mean time, I’m gonna keep at it (can’t believe only 7 runs to go till graduation!)

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Yup it’s tough but well done you for keeping on going, it will get easier one day (I’m still hoping!!) and be kind to yourself - 6 weeks ago you were only doing 1 minute, so you’ve come a long way. Relax, smile and perhaps slow it down a tad and you’ll do just fine. Look forward to seeing you on the podium 🙂

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Charlotte2005 in reply to Gran4z

Thank you!! Yes I was thinking maybe I ought to try going a bit slower that might help me enjoy it /find more bearable!

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Gran4zGraduate in reply to Charlotte2005

Slowing the pace does help, after all it's not a sprint, so I'm told, it's a marathon - there that should help! A marathon indeed 😳😬😱. Enjoy, it can be fun 🙂🌻

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Great job you’re doing out there. You’re finding it tough but you’re knocking the runs down... that’s how much tougher you are. Maybe it will remain tough during the programme, but post graduation you can consolidate what you have done until it becomes easier, and that strength in the legs will soon be up there with your mental strength. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Thank you UnFitNoMore! I’m definitely gonna keep on going and look forward to that strength growing in my legs :-).

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It clicked for me W6R3. I doubted I would experience the “click”, but when it happened it was a thing of joy. Be patient, it will happen. 😊

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