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Week 8 run 1 tough going


Hi all,

Haven’t posted here before but having completed run 1 of the week i found it really tough going. I felt good after my 25 min runs (tired but like I had given my all) but today just felt like it was such an effort from start to finish. Hopefully I can get back to a positive frame of mind for the next run, I always feel great when I have finished but today felt a bit flat, just a mental thing rather than physical so just need to keep positive and keep going with it.

Fingers crossed for a good week.

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Don't worry some runs just feel tougher than others. I'm sure you're next run will be better. Great you're now on wk8 😊


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

and includes advice on hydration and diet which become more crucial as duration increases.

Longer runs can be made easier by finding a good distraction........think about anything but running and time.......I used a running commentary technique, describing in florid language everything that I could see, hear, smell and feel as I ran.

If any run is feeling tough, just slow down.

Enjoy your journey.

LC07Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for this.


You are doing great. Sometimes you get an off run for no reason, the main thing is you still went out there and completed it so feel good. 😁

Totally with you.

I think it's very much psychological. You've just done four 25 minute runs and now you've got to do another, just so you can add a stupid 3 extra minutes onto the end. Feels like a real drag from the start.

But... only 2 more to go and then its the final week!!

LeosmitGraduate in reply to RunningMigster

That just made me laugh - a stupid three minutes! I remember dreading the jump from one minute to three!!

RunningMigsterGraduate in reply to Leosmit

Haha... and it wasnt that long ago! Amazing what you can do with the guidance of a good program!


Well done ! I’m waiting to do the last two weeks recovering from very painful knees . I started to take things much slower and will continue to do that when I finally can resume .

As the admin says , diet and hydration etc make a big difference to coping with the longer runs . Good Luck !!

LC07Graduate in reply to DJB11

Thank you. Hope the knees are better soon.

There are tough runs and after that one the next one can only be better

I had this. For some reason it last the next two runs too but I did it despite not really feeling it. But now I’ve completed I’m just so chuffed I continued through the mental challenge as well as the physical. Keep going - you did the hardest thing which is to carry on regardless!! 👏🏼

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