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Worst run yet... (but I did it)


W2 R3 - found it oh so hard; but I guess we have good days and bad days... legs felt like lead, even the walking bit after the runs were hard... I dare not peak at next week's challenges... but I will keep going....and "dream it possible"!

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Well done for persevering and completing the run. Sometimes our runs are just tougher than others, could be one of a number of reasons why but try not to beat yourself up too much. You showed great courage and strength by carrying on to completion and it will only make you fitter and stronger for the runs ahead. The next one will be a little bit easier. You're doing great, keep it up.

Thanks for the words of encouragement... I was damned if I was going to stop... does it count if you end up on hands and knees...?

Shmev82Graduate in reply to primaballerina

Yeah, although you might get some funny looks 😃


The motto mantra slogan prima ballerina for C25K is "slow and steady " perhaps you were running and walking too fast for your week 2 run 3 today. No don't peek at next week's challenge, certainly I won't spoil it by telling you what they are but take them slightly slower than you did for week 2.


Great job... tough run, tougher runner.

The heavy legs may be a hydration issue, and it’s also worth me mentioning post-run stretching if you’re not already doing these, they will help.

Enjoy week 3... dreaming it possible is good mental attitude, and work added to that can only succeed here.

Hydration is a major problem for me... I HATE drinking water... I'm a tea person, and that's not something you can gulp down easily... and I'm trying to avoid sugary stuff too... so I must drink little and often (had been getting in a pint on rising and before bed which helped, but hadn't done this for 24h before my most recent run)...

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to primaballerina

It is easier if you fill a water bottle and let it warm to room temperature, so I start each day with 2 full bottles... and the key is to keep sipping. Gulping water down isn’t as efficient as much of it will just pass straight through. A litre bottle gets me through a morning, then I fill it and grab the other one. I drink tea, the odd coffee and some wine as well, but that bottle doesn’t leave my side... so yes, little and often is the way to do it.


We all have those tough runs. I had one last night. I blame it all on a Ricky Gervais podcast and the awful weather. At times I was laughing so hard I almost had to stop. I found my legs buckling under me at times. Still managed a sub 30 min 5k but won’t be listening to those guys anymore whilst running. I was too distracted and just didn’t feel comfortable.


My son has just discovered Ricky Gervais - sounds like a good distraction while running!


Honestly I struggled on week 2...mostly all the weeks 😬 never thought I’d be running 25 minutes non stop on week 7. I still find it hard but it feels really good when you didn’t stop and get another day under your belt. Looking back you will eventually see how far you’ve come and that feels awesome. Keep running you’re doing great!!👏

great positive feedback for keeping on going ... I can't believe how the days keep ticking on by and I'm still going.... seriously before W1R1 I have NEVER run!


Agree with AlMorr - maybe too fast & also ensure you’re drinking enough, on run days & rest days.

Yep, I'm going to be drinking more and doing lots of stretches etc too

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