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1st time out in public.....sob!


.....and so W4R3 didn't go well, in fact it didn't go at all. I lasted 7 minutes (and that included the 5 minute walk!) then I came home and had a few tears of frustration (omg!). I done it straight after the school run so firstly no one had EVER seen me in leggings and trainers so that had me in a panic before I'd even started. I'd forgotten my headphones too so was holding my phone so I could hear Laura, and just felt like everyone from there on in was looking at me (and I know they probably weren't), once I started to think "I can't do this" that was that! I've been so comfortable on my treadmill (safely tucked away in my garage) and people have been saying "you need to get out it's much more realistic on the pavements compared to the easy treadmill". Hey ho I wont give up but I clearly need to get over this if I'm going to get anywhere! Has anyone else found transition to the great outdoors really hard?, any tips/advice greatly appreciated on that one

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Sorry to hear about your experience but please don't give up. I always look at people and think " Good on you for getting out there" . I just tell myself I'm lapping the person on the couch and know that the people who train will have respect for anyone doing fitness.

JoJoBuGraduate in reply to Keep-it-ticking

I'm going back out now - I have to do it!

Keep-it-tickingGraduate in reply to JoJoBu

Well done, keep your eyes on the prize :)

Believe it or not you have now done the hardest bit of getting outdoors, next time it will feel better because you have done that first step outside, next time you will check your headphones and know that you can beat your 7 mins outside, you can do this. Rfc x.

JoJoBuGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

I WILL do this, I HAVE to, I think that's why I cried, I want it so bad and have put so much dedication and effort in over the past three and a half weeks, there's no way I am giving up now. I have a place in the great north run next september so giving up is not an option


I can totally relate to the panic you feel before you start, I have this every time to some extent (I’m at week 8) and very little things like headphones not working etc really do put me off (and yes I’ve been there with the holding the iPhone thing too. My best advice is to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically. If you have time, do 2-3 minutes meditation or mindfulness (check out headspace). Set yourself a routine where that you stick to every time like exercises etc, this will all contribute to you feeling ‘ready’ to run rather than being ‘stressed’.

JoJoBuGraduate in reply to AngryFlower

Thanks for the advice I will try to do that, yes I think my timing was totally off, I normally run in the afternoon/evening when I've finished work, but had a day off work so thought it would be nice to fit a morning run in, getting out of the door to school is hard enough and 'stressy'

AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to JoJoBu

Indeed but you’ll sort it I’m sure


I live in a small farming village so everyone sees me, and I'm sure my wobbly bits are giving them a laugh, and yesterday I wore different shiny leggings which seemed to make my shiny top ride up to expose my midriff which I didn't notice so probably looked very odd for goodness knows how long. I really don't care, not going to hide indoors because of peoples passing thoughts. ( they'll foget you once you've passed by. The only comments I've had are a jokey " lost your dog?' when I'm walking, or 'wow, I'd love to run but I can't/ haven't got time/got a bad... ( whatever body part). Never any negatives. If anyone was nasty enough to make a bitchy remark I think I would just laugh at them, or nod vigorously and agree with them - that seems to work in other situations.

Or get yourself a halloween mask and they won't know its you.

JoJoBuGraduate in reply to Hidden

LOL! great mindset! I'll start with wearing a cap and see how I go, although it would be amusing to go out with a mask on :)

Hey ho no sobs!!!! We have all been there and had that feeling of failure but don’t you quit!!!! I used to worry about what I looked like and what people thought but got some great advice on here..... no one knows how far you have been running when they see you... you could be finishing a 10 or even 15km run so paste that smile on and off you go🤗🏃‍♀️


Thank you.....I went back out and done it!! It was hard but I'm there and so pleased with myself!! and it was the support from the above people on here that helped me this morning so thank you to all of them too!

BowlofsteamGraduate in reply to JoJoBu

Yay, good for you! Nothing can stop you now 👍❤️

Cuig1975 in reply to JoJoBu

I was scrolling down hoping you had done it well done you , virtual hug 🤗 so proud of your achievement, roll on the next run the fresh air is so good

Wow, well done for getting back out there and doing it. If you do a search in the forum you will see that most of us experience the machinations of the gremlins from time to time. They love to play mind games and convince you that you can’t do it. Or they hide your kit (earphones), or undo your shoe laces, push you over in puddles and do all sorts of other hijinks to try to put you off.

So well done for winning against them

JoJoBu 1: gremlins nil



Go to a park or go out when it’s dark 👌🏽

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