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I was reading posts about treadmill v outdoor running yesterday having just completed week 1 indoors. My very first attempt back in April was in the park and I didn't even get halfway through, but didn't want to completely throw in the towel. Having read that it may be easier on the treadmill I tried again (gave up again, but that's another story).

I've been delighted to finish my first week but have the ultimate goal of one day running in a 5k, so thought I'd test out how much harder the outdoors is again. Having done w1r3 on the treadmill in the morning I went out round the park to do the same run in the evening. It was harder. A lot harder. When I got to the end and Laura congratulated me on running for 8 minutes, I thought, hmmm no, more like 7.30 as I'd stopped about 10 seconds from the end on three of the runs. Runs in the middle though, so was pleased it didn't put me off attempting the last few.

I'm thinking of doing all 3 runs of each week on the treadmill, to maximise my chances of getting to the end rather than getting dispirited and giving up. But I'm thinking of trying to do an extra run (this time with the normal rest day in between) outdoors. This will prolong the programme overall, which I don't mind, but will give me the chance to see what outdoors is like whilst still, hopefully seeing progress in the gym to keep me going. Also, I'm hoping that sticking at it in the gymwill improve my fitness and help overall.

I'll be doing a week 1 run outdoors again at the end of next week's w2 runs indoors, as I didn't do it properly. I think being a week behind outdoors might make it seem easier anyway but I'll still be building up. Anyway, that's the theory....still got to see how week 2 on the treadmill goes yet!


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  • That's quite a nice idea! I'm not sure if anyone else has done something similar.

    Good luck, it sounds like fun to be able to compare to two as you progress :)

  • Thanks, the plan in my head sounds great....have only done week 1 do far, so we'll see! I'd be interested to know how others find the indoor to outdoor transition.

  • I started outdoors and made the odd trip to the gym with a friend where I tried the treadmill and I actually found the tougher! Trying both side by side is a great way to go though.

  • I use a treadmill but run outside when the going is soft enough after rain (most of the time lately!) I find it difficult to judge my pace outside so, if you're like me, you might have been running faster outside and that's what made it harder. Now I've reached week 7 and all the runs left are longer I only do 2 a week so it will take me longer than 9 weeks to graduate, but I don't think the time is that important- what matters is that you enjoy the journey and plan to carry on. Good luck, keep blogging :)

  • Hey there, yes I thought I was going faster outside, I made a conscious effort to slow down as I went through...though at times it felt I was going so slowly I might start going backwards! The odd incline pushed me too...I'm at the stage of fitness where climbing the 2 flights of stairs to my flat leaves me a bit puffed. Well done for getting to week 7...hope I make it that far!

  • Well done on coming back, you are a very strong minded person which will see you through this programme. Look at Legion's blog she is also mixing up her running in/outdoors its sensible as it gives you the indoor option in the winter when the weather can be bad with icy pavements etc. Good luck, wishing you all the best and keep posting we love to hear from everyone.

  • Thank you for your support, I will definitely look at Legion's blog as I'm finding others' tips and tricks are really helping me much better than previous exercise attempts where if it didn't go well straight off I would give up fairly easily!

  • Nice idea, wish I had thought of that, my current plan is to complete it on the treadmill (nearly there) and then start again from week 1 and run it all outdoors.

    The only change I was going to make was I was only going to do each week once unless I had issues completeing it.

    So week 1 run on Tues, week 2 on Thurs but if I cant complete week 2 run it again on Sat until I get past that bit until I move through the program again.

    I am a bit fitter now than when I started and found running outside both scary and tough :), happier with the idea of running outside now and hoping the new fitness will help me out.

  • Hey Zagel, that was my first thought...get to the end indoors and start again outside. I was just in a super charged mood yesterday and wanted to do the extra run, but in doing so it brought me back down to Earth a little. Also, a factor I'm thinking of is the weather will be getting worse (actually, is that possible?) and darker nights by the time I get to the end of week 9 indoors, so doing 1 a week outside from now will hopefully get me into the swing of it while the conditions are easier.

    Good luck with you outdoor pursuit, it's a good way to keep going, keep the fitness up and add an extra challenge.

  • You know reading your post has given me the idea that if you did each week twice, in my case I need to learn to run on a treadmill so I could do the treadmill for run 1, then use run 2 for speeding up. i.e. 60 seconds sprint, 90 seconds slow jog. etc. Then 3rd run back to my usual 5K. MMmmmmm this has given me food for thought. What a smashing place this is for information and ideas.

  • Kudos to you for doing this on a treadmill! I've always run outdoors, as much for the distraction of "things to see" as anything. We both struggle with asthma tho, and I'm curious to know if there is any difference between indoor and outdoor running for you. Depending on your "triggers", indoors for you may be the ticket to success. My asthma is exercise induced so I have to deal with it either place.

    Good luck to you!

  • hi beatasthma, your plan your way is what I'd say ... by luck more than design I start my C25K week outdoors so I don't get obsessed with those speeds and distances, I go at my pace and try to listen to all Laura has to say, that is all my exercise on Run 1 day. Runs 2 & 3 are then at the gym followed by a 45 min aqua class, so far so good, though I am very careful to drink loads of water before, during (not the pool) & after. Keep us posted

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