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W7R2 - what a glorious run!


I've had an incredibly difficult two days for personal reasons, and I needed this run to go well. So I hopped on the treadmill and I couldn't find my week 7 podcast! (It's there, I just checked. That's how messed up my brain was that I couldn't find it). The network isn't good at the gym so I couldn't stream/download it. So I decided to just use my own music and the treadmill timer to do the run. I kept an eye on the timer for the first 5 minutes, then covered the timer and distance with a towel and just started running, thinking I could just stop after 25 minutes because the treadmill has a time limit and would stop on its own at that point. What a glorious, glorious run it was! I'll admit I initially missed Laura cheering me on and telling me how long I'd run for/had left, but once I got into the groove I didn't anymore. There were no gremlins for even a single moment, ZERO breathing troubles, didn't need to slow down to a shuffle to drink water, and my legs just went on and on and on and would have gone on if the treadmill hadn't slowed down at the end. I don't know if it was running to my own music, my issues that I needed to run off, or the banana I'd had as a pre-run snack - let's face it, it could have been any one of them or a combination of them all - but something aligned and this was as near perfect a run as I've done. I didn't beat my longest run, but I wasn't aiming for that. I just wanted a good run that would make me feel better, and that I achieved.

I'm quite tempted to just forego the podcasts from now on and use the treadmill timer. It's solid blocks of running, and it takes all of 10 seconds to restart the treadmill, so I would just run for an extra 15-20 seconds to make up for the briefest of stops that I unfortunately can't avoid. It's still a few runs away, but graduation feels like it's in sight after today :)

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Fab! What a gorgeous sounding run. Such runs are usually unexpected but so so memorable. I would scrap the podcasts as you know how long you have to run for and, as you say, listening to your own music might have made the difference although I guess it was just one of life's mysteries!

I hope your personal difficulties are easing.

Thank you so much for posting as I was there with you and loved it!

Shivani05Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks IP! I think I will scrap the podcasts and see if that did the trick. It felt less like running to achieve a time goal and more like running because I wanted to. Refreshing :)


Great job Shivani!

Shivani05Graduate in reply to Hidden



Hi Shivan, It's so lovely when everything comes together and those nasty litttle gremlins disappear. I don't see a problem with ditching Laura and listening to your own music as long as you continue following the program, which you are doing. You know what you need to do and are getting on with it. Keep going, graduation is just around the corner.

Shivani05Graduate in reply to Slowstart

Thanks Slowstart!


Sorry to hear of your difficult times but I'm so pleased you had a great run :)

Hope you have a good weekend xx

Shivani05Graduate in reply to jt24

Thanks jt!


It was too good and easy without intervals, wasn't it? What a fantastic run, you deserved it after all those breathing problems :) it might have been the music, as I too forgot Laura on W4D1, so just used my music+c25k app.. I felt amazing, even though the run was quite demading compared to week 3. Guess it's just the change in routine that makes it seem interesting and easy. Good luck on homestretch!

Shivani05Graduate in reply to Resurrected

I agree, the change in routine seems to have helped. Thanks! :)


Sorry you have had a couple of difficult days but it does sound like it's all coming together now.

Well done. Go you 😀


Shivani05Graduate in reply to B0bP

Thanks Bob!


Lovely , lovely inspiring post.

Well done you and I hope all things sort out for you. :)

What a great thing this running is... the panacea for most ills!!!! :)

Shivani05Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss. I honestly might have fallen apart without the run. Amazing how quickly it changes you, isn't it?

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Shivani05

Oh yes... the running has so many other benefits. Big hug for you anyway :)

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