First time for everything!

Ok, so I am in my late 40's and need to lose about three stone :/ I decided I need to do something to get myself healthy again. It's been a long time since I tried running. Treadmill at home was ok but never had the motivation to keep it up. As usual became a clothes horse and so it had to go! Lots of people I hear have started with Couch to 5K and have said it was the best thing they did. I now realise I don't care what others think if they see this overweight middle aged woman running in the street and wonder 'what the heck does she think she is trying to do?' One day ... yes one day I will be able to say 'I DID IT, I ran 5k and I loved every minute of it!' Onwards and upwards .... wish me luck, am gonna need a lot of it :D


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  • You have got a big new family of friends here cheering you on. You will do it, just take it slowly.

  • Hello & welcome, Lotsaluck . you just need a bit of willpower & determination- you've clearly got both of those in spades. But, good luck anyway :)

  • Who cares what strangers think! Whenever I saw someone running, no matter what size they were, I was always impressed that they were doing something I couldn't. Well now I can thanks to C25K. I am on Week 8, 52 year old, asthmatic, dodgy kneed ME! Just stick with the program, run slowly to start and when it gets too hard go even slower. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and great things will happen. Good luck!

  • Yeay! You have already got the right attitude. :)

    This forum is friendly, and supportive and you can get there.. :) Your journey, your way and blow what people think!

    Follow the programme and take it slowly and take it steadily. We will all help you:)

    "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can... "

    Go for it! :)

  • Go for it! I can't speak for both but I have the extra lbs and my mum (close behind me on week 7 aged 63) has the extra years! We've both been massively shocked about how much we can accomplish on this plan. Remember that there's a huge range of people doing and completing this programme. And they're all here to help you and egg you on! This is the best support network you could wish for. So pop out and smash your first run :D :D

  • Good luck you can do it Xx

  • Good luck.

    I'll let you into a C25K secret... post here about every run - the good, the not so good and the ones that you will repeat. It doesn't matter how good or bad each run is, share it with us here. We'll answer your questions, give you a nudge if you need motivation, and be here to cheer you over the finish line. And on those rare days when you are less motivated to go for a run, you'll be anxious about letting us all down, and go out anyway.

    Don't be too worried about the weight-loss. C25K is going to burn about 300 calories max, and that won't really help the weight to fall off. However, you will become more toned and look trimmer, and your family and friends will comment about your weight-loss (even if the scales don't agree). And feeling healthier is going to encourage you to eat more healthy options... that will help the weight loss.

  • Really agree with this I can tick so many of these after only a few weeks. Go for it Lotsaluck.

  • Well done, runners are all ages, shapes and sizes and we are all out there! I recommend alongside running to monitor your calorie intake (I use a free App called My Fitness Pal) and I can input individual food items, calculate my daily calorie intake etc. There is also a helpful forum there. I have struggled to lose weight while running because I haven't monitored my food, so although I lost 2 stone, that was before I started running. I find food and exercise need to work together. Feel fitter and healthier since doing C25K so I am hoping to keep going

  • Good luck!

    I need to lose 4 stone and I have come to the conclusion that if people I pass aren't thinking "good for you!" Then they should be 😆

  • Ive a lot of weight to lose as well as wanting to get fit and healthy and i'm another poster who can vouch for this program. I made the decision to start eating better when i started the program.

    I started week 4 today and can honestly say i'm loving it!

    Let us know how you get on with each run, keep posting and theres lots of lovely people on here with words of advice and encouragement x

  • Welcome! You'll get to 5k with grit and determination. The program won't lead you astray. Keep the running as slow as possible and you'll be just fine. And keep posting back - we're here for you.

  • Welcome lotsoluck. You can and will honestly learn to run if you stick with the programme. There are a lovely bunch of people here on the forum and it would be really nice if you would be a part of it. Think positive and expect to come to like it. Running is seriously addictive.

  • Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging words. I did my first run and although I did struggle, I managed to finish it ... just. But, I did it and thats what counts. I found a really nice, quiet spot with newly made paths to run on - our local nature reserve. Its right next to the beach and apart from a couple of people taking an evening stroll, I was left to myself. I think my legs thought I was punishing them. I always had problems with leg pains years ago when walking for a long time, so I took it easy with running first time out. I didn't really have a choice as I felt heavy and clumsy. Still, it is a start and I think I just need to get better gear. Just using what I have at the moment so will get proper running trainers this week. Thanks again everyone, you all seem like lovely people, I am glad I found the forum and started the plan :)

  • Well done- I certainly found the first run tough, too. It does get easier.

  • Well done you'll be hooked really soon too!

  • best of luck ,you can do it and we'll all be with you on the journey! Also remember If people are staring they might be c25k ers wondering what week you are on! I do it all the time, without meaning to!

  • Don't worry about running in public! Most people will ignore you or be vaguely positive - if anyone has a problem, that says more about them than about you.

    One thing I enjoy about running outside is passing other runners much like me - middle-aged women toiling along - and catching their eye, whereupon we give each other a quick grin and thumbs-up, no matter how tired we are. That little burst of solidarity between fellow-sufferers is lovely!

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