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Judge yourself in miles/km, not inches

On Saturday I woke up and my first thoughts were about going for a run! What has happened to me?! I didn't end up going as 1) it was a rest day, 2) W5R3 was looming and I didn't want to do anything to jeopardise getting through that and 3) I had to get myself ready to work a night shift. But the thought and urge were still there!

In a departure from the cold dark morning, running on the streets of Hampshire, the dreaded R3 took place on a treadmill in an un-airconditioned gym in Nigeria. It was my first treadmill session of the c25k programme and I was unsure about pacing myself. In fact that was going to be the least of my worries. In hindsight I should have been more concerned about my own flailing limbs!

I read somewhere on here that you should set the treadmill to 1% incline to mimic the outdoors, so I did that and set off on my 5 minute warm up walk. It was at this time I decided to dump Laura (sorry!) and go it alone with my own music. I had done my 5 minute walk, and jogged the first 5 minutes when I accidentally knocked the emergency stop button. It took a few seconds to realise what I'd done, and probably less than 30 seconds to get back up to speed, however this left me with a dilemma - would it count as a complete 20 minute run? I decided to play it by ear, and if I was feeling OK after 15 minutes I'd do the extra 5, so I would complete the whole 20 minutes.

As it turned out the run wasnt too bad, and I managed the whole 20 mins in one go. I did the 5 minute walk, 5 minutes running, 30 second stop, 20 minutes running and a 5 minute cool down walk (where I accidentally threw my ipod off the machine and again had to stop for a few seconds to retrieve it). Overall I was pretty pleased, as now I know I can do it.

So is it easier on the treadmill? Maybe. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was myself and my own clumsiness. I felt like I was going even slower than I do outdoors (I didnt know that was even possible), and there were no hills or road crossing to compete with, but I think I do prefer it outside. It's good to know that I can run on a treadmill when I away though.

Week 6 tomorrow, and I've read on here I should feel too proud as this week brings you back to earth. Bring it on...

(oh and I stole the title from someone else, but it makes me feel inspired!)

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"probably less than 30 seconds to get back up to speed, however this left me with a dilemma - would it count as a complete 20 minute run?"

I love this comment. I now get frustrated if I have to wait to cross the road and feel I must make it up at the end! ;-0


Well done Slater on W5R3. It's definitely a watershed moment on your C25K journey. Enjoy the moment and yes, week 6 is hard but not impossible. I think a lot of the bad press stems from running a full 20 and then struggling with intervals that amount to less than 20 and yet it just seems to be so much harder to do!

I just run on the spot for road crossings arablue. There's nothing else you can do except get killed so it's the only solution!


The first run if week 6 was the hardest for me, but I did it and so will you!

Well done :)


Well done slater, great feeling isn't it. Good luck with the rest of the program, you can do it



Keep it up Slater. That W5R3 really gives you an idea of what you will face in W6. Go for it. You are doing really well and don't worry about those 'accidents'.


Well done Slater! Week 6 can be tough but you are ready for it!!!! ;-)


Well done, it sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the good work! :-)


Well done Slater - it is an amazing feeling when you complete that W5R3 - enjoy it, you have earned it.

Yep, I was one who felt invincible after completing W5, then I did R1 of W6 and felt like I was tking a step backwards - but keep at it - if you find it a struggle it doesn't take long to get your mojo back :o)


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