That time of year again

So third year in a row I've started this, last two years I've got up to week three then disappeared and never done anymore. This year after my holidays I weighed 15st , highest I've ever been so decided to do something about it. Apart from changing my eating habits I bought a inexpensive manual treadmill and went for it. Based on my track record I haven't posted till I was well into it. I was so unfit had to do week 1 twice, week 2 I managed ok, week 3 I didn't get all three runs done so I repeated that one as well. Yesterday I completed week 4, feeling good about it this time although it took some getting used to the fixed incline on the treadmill start week 5 this week so its all new ground from here in :)


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  • So...what stopped you before ? Just out of interest so we can gee you along if necessary..well done for not giving up and deciding to give it another go. I bet once you have got to the end of this week and done the first long run there'll be no stopping you. Good luck and keep going!!!

  • You know the funny thing is it was nothing I could put my finger on, it just fizzled out and then I fell into the routine of not doing it

  • Well done Grat1! I'm with HenPen, we need some clues as to how best to motivate you. You've already moved beyond the point at which you gave up on previous attempts, which is good. Hopefully having the treadmill now will help if going outdoors in bad weather was a factor before. And the financial investment in the treadmill might also help to spur you on. Reading other people's inspiring stories on heer helps too.

    Welcome back; well done; keep going and keep posting! There'll be lots of people on heer wishing you well and willing you on!

  • I've got my 6 year old daughter in charge of motivation lol, I promised I would take her to a comic convention in costume she asks every week if I'm still on target for doing it :)

  • That's good! Children are excellent at 'nagging' ;-). I hope e get to see a photo of the comic costumes.

    I used my work colleagues as motivators first time round. I'm retired now, so I'm using this forum to keep me on track.

  • Well you've blown any chance of wimping out now. You have made your journey public, and there are people here who will now give you the virtual kick up the bum you need if your enthusiasm starts to wane. Seriously, well done chap, and good luck !

  • Well done for your perseverance & getting further than you ever have before, big pat on the back for that. Hoping the treadmill is the magic ingredient to spur you onwards this time & I look forward to reading about your progress x

  • Finish this Grat!!!! No chucking in the towel this time. You know the weight needs to shift, your diet has to improve and you have to stop delaying the inevitable

    It's all in your own hands of course and you can turn things round for the better. The truth of the matter is though that YOU HAVE TO WANT TO DO IT. If you don't you won't

    So, come on!! We'll be here to help and support you.

  • This is my third attempt at this too. I gave up before because I really didn't think I would be able to do it. This time I have been a lot more determined, a lot of this is mind over matter. I think it has also helped checking my progress with those on the same week as me. Good luck and we all be at the sidelines encouraging you on.

  • Thanks for the encouragement all :). I'm feeling a lot better with it this time. I even didn't mind repeating a couple of weeks. As for the weight, since starting 6 weeks ago I'm now down to 14st and so far have managed to keep it off :)

  • Yeah!

  • Great effort at getting started again. Keep up the work and you will get there. I am a researcher evaluating the app and also what stops people from completing it. Would you be interested in sharing your experience in an online survey? The link is

  • Done

  • Awesome thanks so much :-)

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