1st outdoor run! Jeez

I had decided Saturday to do my run outside with the nice weather but made myself so nervous thinking about it I didn't go. So I went out this morning. Kept faffing about with my apps before I started as wanted to check how far I'd run. However after nearly 50 mins out running/walking I got home to find I hadn't started my sports tracker app. Very frustrating, as had done a few laps of the sports track which absolutely killed me then decided to hit the road where ground wasn't so uneven. I found the outdoor run a lot harder as I ha the option to stop and walk a bit that I don't have the luxury of on the treadmill. Now I've started outdoors I'm going to do at least one outdoor run a week (weather permitting). Passed a few people on my run and no one pointed and said look at the fat woman running. Might have been thinking it but tbh who cares! I would never have dreamed 10 weeks ago I would be out running for 5mins let alone nearly 50 mins.


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  • Having only ever run outside I can't compare, but glad you did it and especially now as the weather is on our side. I do recommend running in the rain though...not the pouring down cats n dogs type, but the lighter variety is defo worth running in. Envigorating. Well done!

  • (maybe teaching you to suck eggs) look up parkrun on the 'net.

    I would love to run outside, but it's difficult. So I do one run outside each week at parkrun - 5k timed run each week with 300 people. If there is one near you it would be the perfect opportunity to get out.

  • Hi rmnsuk, I looked at the park run I have one about 20 miles away but it looks pretty hilly. Also only about 60 people so will make me look really bad coming in last. The joys of living in the back of beyond! Definitely not that confident enough for a parkrun yet but will keep up the outdoor run and keep to the pavement running. The grass near killed me today. Definitely not teaching me to suck eggs, just one week out of graduation which I done entirely on the treadmill. Appreciaet all the help I can get. Thanks :-)

  • Living on the Welsh coast it's lovely but we have a lot of hills and get a lot of rain, so I bought a treadmill with the sole purpose of doing the C25K. It's been great and has definitely built my confidence but it is so much easier than grass. Will definitely do the light rain run I'm sure I won't have to wait long lol. Thanks Northernspirit :-)

  • I also live on the Welsh Coast and use the Coastal Path for my running. It is a little hilly but better than the village which is up hill there and back :) I find that it is quite busy and very safe, you just need to be cautious of small dogs :) Which Park Run have you looked at. I wanted to try it but don't want to be last so am waiting until I speed up :) :) :)

  • Thanks PrincessStef. The one nearest to me is in Colby Park, Tenby, as I live in Pembrokeshire. When I checked the times the average was just under 30mins which I am nowhere near and as there's only 60 runners so definitely not going to show myself up yet. Fair play to you doing the coastal paths, the sight of hills fills me with dread lol. My thighs are feeling it today but will definitely start to get out more.

  • I started the first few weeks on my treadmill but she it came to the longer runs I went outside. I think it is less boring outside but if it gets you through it I don't think it matters. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you maturelady. It's definitely less boring outside you are right and more challenging so will be trying to do at least one outdoor run a week.

  • I made the transition from treadmill to outside and the best advice I was given, from the folks on here, was to run very, very slowly. It's easy on the treadmill to set your pace but I found it harder to judge outside so this takes time. My advice is to run even slower than you think you should and build up from there.

    I love your attitude. And you're right. Who cares? You're a runner!

  • Ahh thank you Irishprincess. I felt I was going very slowly (could probably have walked quicker lol) was so annoyed that I hadn't set the sports tracker so when got back had no idea of distance or actual speed grrr. Never mind it won't happen again. And thank you will try to gauge a good slow speed.

  • Well done for getting outside. I tried a treadmill once and fell off the thing :-) I've only ever run outside, and I don't care what people think or say - I don't know them, they don't know me. I can't remember who the last jogger was I saw in a day so why should they? Keep at it and enjoy it. 50 minutes is awesome!

  • Thank you mfamilias. I should point out the 50 mins included some walking as did find the outdoor run very difficult. But was mainly running :-)

  • Well done. I have started doing more out doors it is definitely harder. I find the breathing harder to get sorted and like you seem to walk jog. Keep going though!

  • Thanks Katlyn. Well the people I passed must have though OMG I was probably chugging like a train lol. I couldn't hear as was plugged in. Will keep going Katlyn thanks and good luck with your running :-)

  • Outdoor running is the best though. We aren't hamsters. Outdoors is where it's at rain or shine, snow or blow. Once you make the break you'll never look back

    Run wild, run free my beauties! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Just keep on running and never quit. It's gonna change your life. It's fun too. Park run is fabulous and you need not worry about being last. Not that you will be though

  • Thank you so much Misswobble. I know I didn't do as well as I hoped yesterday but I did enjoy getting out and off the treadmill. Not sure I'm quite so enthusiastic for the rain and snow but have been told a light drizzle is nice run. I'm definitely not gonna quit as have never run been a runner and this has been such an achievement for me. Thank you s much for your support.

  • Hi Julia,

    Congratulations on graduating and your 1st outdoor run - sounds like a real achievement for you!

    Like you I'm a recent C25K treadmill graduate and went on my 1st outdoor run for 20 years last Monday. My treadmill speed was 9.0km/h for the 9 weeks. I've since moved onto my treadmill version of Laura's Stepping Stone podcast. But last Monday was a bit of a shock to be honest. I did 4.73 km in 25m:33s which was I was astonished by - so my average speed was 11.1 km/h. Very strange indeed! I just ran at a natural pace with only a stopwatch to keep me company. I was running on a flat route with uneven pavements (horrible) and tried to run on the road where possible. The whole thing felt very slow, probably cos the ground wasn't moving underneath me. Provided my knees continue to feel ok, like you, I'm going to aim for 1 outdoor run per week, sticking with 5-6 km for the meantime.

    It's a different ball game to the treadmill isn't it?

    Well done!

  • Well done to you as well John. Great achievement doing the 9 weeks and what a great speed you were doing. Even faster outdoors as well that's pretty amazing because most people have said go slowly on the transition. But you are way ahead of me in the running game I'm still a plodder. Outdoors is definitely different ball game but very enjoyable. Will be more so when I get myself up to my treadmill speed and distance lol. Thanks for the advice and support. Where can I get the stepping stones podcast. Another member mentioned it but can't seem to find it :-( Thanks for your help and lovely post.

  • Hi Julia,

    The Stepping Stone podcast is one of 3 CouchTo5K+ podcasts found here:


    The Strength & Flex podcasts may be useful to you as well:


    Hope you find them useful!

    Good luck :-)


  • Ahh thank you so much for that! I put stepping stones into google and got some random sites. Well not random but not what I wanted. Will get straight onto that now. Next run weds. Thanks again and keep up the great running :-)

  • My pleasure Julia. Hope it works out for you.

    I did my 2nd outdoor run this lunchtime and it appears I wasn't dreaming last week... ran 5.03km in 26:35. And I feel OK. Not quite sure how it's happening but all the treadmill time must be working :-)

  • That's excellent! Well done that's an amazing time. Keep it up and hope you didn't get rained on this afternoon. Best I crank that treadmill up :-)

  • I was never a runner either. I was deffo a fatty and a big bum but not any more. Can't stop running now. I love it!

    Well, apart from this morning that is, as I've hurt my ruddy knee!

  • I hope your knee feels better soon. I've still got a long way to go before I'm not a fatty with a big belly. Done another run this morning outside and it was very slow but I achieved what I wanted to. Could hardly walk when i got back so had nice hot bath. Feeling less in agony now. Will a hot bath help ur knee or is it ligament trouble. Thanks miss wobble and good luck getting back out there.

  • A good soak is always ok by me, and I love to go in the bubbly bath with a huge cuppa tea post run. If you hurt your leg/ankle/calf you can plunge it in a bath of cold water, which I have been known to do. Then I have the hot bath afterwards

    Weight loss is not instant obviously but you can make some serious inroads into it within a year, so be patient, dogged and show lots of willpower, keep running and you'll get there. Trust me. Once it starts to come off and your jeans start to feel looser it will spur you on. I had a fab pair of trousers that would not go past my knees, so it was my aim to get them to fit. By the time I tried them on again, they were way too big!

    Have fun Julia. Running with Laura is fun. Just keep a big smile plastered across your face. I loved it, specially when I'd done it and would punch the air, and go home singing. I did get hurt a few times - falling downstairs, falling off a ladder and hurting my ankle but I kept going. Never surrender!

  • I love this post , Atta Girl Miss W ! :-)

    Good Luck Julia xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug. Was a great post she's a very funny lady is misswobble x

  • Certainly is ! :-) xxx

  • Ahh bless you, you have been through it. Feel bad about whinging about my sore thighs now. Your enthusiasm is amazing and great motivation thank you. I don't think a cold bath is for me, but have had more hot bath's since I've been running the last ten weeks than I've had in 10 years! Woman in work told me the other day I had changed shape and can now get into 2 pairs of jeans that haven't fit for years. Why women keep clothes that are too small is a wonder. Anyway, Thank you for the advice, you have a great sense of humour. Keep helping us newbies out x

  • No worries!

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