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I ran for 20 mins! Week 6 here I come

After struggling to find time for my week 5 run 3 due to half term, I got out there today and I did it!! It’s the coldest weather I’ve run in but the distraction of freezing hands and a sniffly nose seemed to help! I went slow and steady, just as all the lovely people on here said to. I turned my music up and the minutes and seconds went by. I did it. 20 minutes! For everyone who has this run coming up, believe in yourself and enjoy xx

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Well done! I did this run this morning too and am so happy 😀 I felt a bit nervous at the start but gave myself a bit of a talking to and it was fine!

Congrats to you for getting to this stage and good luck for week 6!

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Thank you and well done you too! I remember looking at this run thinking ‘No way!’. I couldn’t breathe properly during week 1. This programme is amazing.

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Brilliant well done!!

Great news. This was me yesterday. Well done and keep up your hard work

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Well done you 👏🏻 Good luck for your week 6!

Thanks for that lovely to hear that people are moving through program, well done on the milestone of 20 mins

Well run Brook, fab achievement👏👏

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Thank you so much. More than anything so far, this feels like such a leap forward. But really, every week is!!

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Run 1 & 2 in week6 have been tricky for some, so keep that steady pace & you’ll be fine👍🏻

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That’s good to hear, just did run 1 of week 5 and I’m nervous for the 20 minute run

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Slow and steady is definitely key. I’m not sure how how it works really, but this run seemed less of a strain than the previous ones in week 5?! I found run 1 really tough. Let us know how you get on. Believe, as it’s a lot of mental willpower that’s required. Physically, you can definitely do it x

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Remember you have run for 15/16 minutes five times now so 20 is not that big a step in itself. The big step is not in the running but in the walking, or rather the lack of it. But if you stop to think, you've been preparing for this. After three runs to get used to 16 minutes with three walk breaks (week 4) you reduce to two walk breaks (W5R1) then one walk break (W5R2) and finally no walk break (W5R3). So you have actually been prepared for it physically: it's the mental side you have to watch. Any time you think you should be walking, just run slower instead. But what you might find is you keep thinking 'I might need to stop soon' - but don't stop, because you don't need to stop NOW, and 'soon' is not yet. Also the first ten minutes of any run is the hardest (that's a known, physiological phenomenon, that bit is NOT just in your head!) so once you're past the hard bit remind yourself that what you still have to do is both shorter and actually easier than the bit you've already done - why do the hardest bit, you can tell yourself, and get into a good run only to stop a few minutes before the end and have to do it all again? Break the run into five minute runs in your head but just skip the walk breaks in between - don't think about the twenty minutes till you're past fifteen. You'll be fine.

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Thank you so much for all that great advice and encouragement. It means so much and I do keep thinking of things I’ve read on here whilst I’m running! I kept repeating slow and steady in my head today 😊 All these tips from people who’ve done it are priceless. I really like the breaking it down into 5 minute chunks tip.

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My Fitbit buzzes every five minutes even now. It was set to every three minutes in C25k!

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thats right keep going not far now

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Well done! That will be me later this week 😬

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Great! You’ve come so far! Enjoy your run and let us know how it goes x

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Will do. Run 2 tomorrow morning and run 3 on Wednesday morning.

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Great job... slow and steady into week 6 and you’ll be just fine.

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Thank you!

Thank you for sharing! I have this after work today... Will come back with update

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Yes, do let us know how it goes. I did get a slight stitch with 4 mins to run, never happened to me before, but just slowed right down and it was fine. Hope you have a great day and a great run later!

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Congratulations! I completed w5r3 this morning, too, although I couldn't believe it was possible so did it on a treadmill a couple of days ago first just to see if I stood a chance! I will have more faith in myself & the programme going forward and tackle the longer runs outdoors straight away. Actually, mine was 21 minutes as I tripped over so did an extra minute to make up for the time it took me to get up and brush myself down ☹ I am very slow but am aiming for time rather than distance at the moment, with a view to focussing on distance after I've completed the programme.

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Amazing! It feels good, doesn’t it? Sorry to hear about your trip on the treadmill but glad to hear you are okay and completed run 3 👏🏻

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