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I ran for 20 mins!!!!

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The running has gone better than the blogging. I have completed week 5 run 3 and did 20 minutes without stopping. I would never have thought I would have been able to do this when I started. If you're reading this and are at the beginning just keep going, you will get there. Things that I have found important were to get my breathing right, and to stretch my legs so that they did not ache as much. I have amazed myself.

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Woot-woot!!! Congratulations! Week 6, here you come!!!!

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You and me both today - great feeling isn't it

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I did week 5 run 3 today, too. Way to go and good luck with week 6.

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Fabulous, well done and good luck with week 6

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And well done from me too. Completed week 5 run 3 this morning. What a feeling. Best of luck with week 6.

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Woohoo! Well done, isn't it a great feeling?

Well done!!! I did Wk5 R1 this morning. Wondering how I'll get on with R3 on Friday!

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