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W9 R2... surprise :-D

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Everything about this morning’s run looked DOOMED. I had a terrible night‘s sleep, woke with such a bad cold I had to have a Lemsip before I could even breathe through my nose, and when I went out (in the dark) my breath froze on the air and steamed up my glasses so I could hardly see a thing.

But somehow... as a result of my gradual stretching of my run durations in weeks 8&9, and while basically doing a recce to ensure that I had identified a route of exactly 5km in length... not only did I complete my run, but I kept going to 5km! I didn’t even mean to, but when I looked at my phone just as I was intending to stop (after 33min) it said I’d done 4.88km and I just thought, what the heck, I might as well.

So, the time I’ve logged for my first-ever 5km: 34:11. One more run to go. I don’t care if it’s faster or slower...

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Congratulations on the 5k. Very good time too! Enjoy that graduation run.

Strange how sometimes it all feels wrong and the run is smooth.

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Great stuff! We never know do we now it’s going to pan out. Some of the best runs start off bad 😁. This is why we love I so much It’s always a leap of faith

Well done 👍. I hope you feel better soon 🤧

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Wowzer! If you can achieve that whilst feeling poorly, imagine what you can do when you're fully fighting fit. Go you!

Fabulous, sounds like you’re a natural! Imagine your achievements when you’re feeling 100%! 👏👏👏👏

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Thanks everybody!

Bonus: now I'm familiar with a particular route of exactly 5km (which starts and ends exactly a 5min brisk walk away from my front door), I know I don't NEED Laura (or whoever) once I finish the programme, as I can just run that route and I know I've done the right distance.

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