W9 R2

Of all the runs that one nearly had me ! but i did it!!! had to slow it right down, the last 5 min brisk walk was more of a fast stroll running on empty today , can't complain really all the other runs have been good and some really good . ....So close now just the final graduation run on Sat :D can feel the emotions kicking in now.

Get those dancing girlies ready and the party poppers :D :D :D That badge is going to look so good :D


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27 Replies

  • Well done Rob... not long now... I've got a big box of fireworks to let off in celebration!! :-) Sorry to hear that this one was more of a struggle... sounds like my normal run :-) I've decided to have a 2 day break and go out again tomorrow for my first post grad run.

  • Hey Andy thanks :D i Ooooh fireworks ,my favs :D I love your graduate badge looks good on you :D

  • Hey...so you're not a gazelle on EVERY run (but remember that one, eh?!!). You've done soooo well. Have a great wee rest and enjoy that grad run. :D

  • I heard that your badge is being shined to the shiniest Shiny ever, dancing girls...... I got dancing chickens is that close enough? Well done Rob one more to go and it doesn't matter how slow you go just keep moving. Only 2 big sleeps away

  • Hi determined :D dancing chickens :) could be a movie in them :D thanks I am going to enjoy the sleeps and going to eat well saturday is a big day , nothing is going to stop me now :D ( apart from snow maybe lol )

  • Some how I doubt even snow will stop play for you on Saturday, the words hell and high water springs to mind

  • haha you are right ,i am very determined :D

  • I have a dancing cat. I'll ask her to do her thing when I get the nod.

  • I am nodding now to see that :D

  • If she will co-operate I'll try and get her on film. Co-operation is not her best quality though ... !

  • I used to have a cat like that :)

  • Hiya Rob, 27 down and 1 more to go , how does that feel eh ?

    Bet you are feeling very chuffed with yourself today and quite rightly so . Well done to you , fab stuff :-)

    Have fun on your next one , its the BIGGIE :-D xxx

  • Hi poppy :D it feels really good thanks :D had to work for that one today :) xxxx

  • Hey Tiki :D hmmmm not sure I have ever been a gazelle ( even with the wind behind me ) thanks nothing major planned until Sat morning run :D I am havin that badge :D :D D

  • You are so close so perhaps those gremlins are trying to ruin your excitement. Have fun on your graduation run, enjoy it.

  • Ooooh well done!!! You will love it! It's such a fantastic feeling!!!! Can't wait to see your badge!!!! Good luck for sat!

  • Thanks Toon :) it has been a real achievment for me ,saturday will be the icing on the cake :D

  • Well done Rob. Nearly there now then :)

  • Thanks Zev :D I know ,it is an amazing feeling already to have reached this far :D

  • Just buffing up the bunting and oiling the castors on the podium ...

  • thanks Slookie :D

  • Funny how these running goals take over your life... I expect pretty much nothing is going to stop you going out on Saturday. We'll all be watching this site for the news!!

    I'll be working away from my normal base tomorrow so have already goggled a local park that I can run in that I can get to before dark... another addict alert :-)

  • haha good for you Andy :D It does seem my running days control those days too :D You are right to be so close now, that graduation run is going to be so good , like you I havent done anything else other than C25K and adjusted my diet :D

  • Go go go!! Almost there as well! BIG BIG well done and looking forward to your graduation run post! All the best C:

  • Aaw thanks Pikaree :D i am feeling really good about the run tomorrow morning better than i did for Run2 ! might get a bit emotional i think :D

  • Awwww! Something for me to look forward to! You are an inspiration to me :D Really do enjoy the run, I surely can't imagine now how great you must be feeling :D All the best x

  • You will get there I am sure :) It is a strange feeling to think i will achieve this in the 9 weeks since i started :D x

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