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So I want to know if I am the only one feeling this way, people are often referring to the runners high and how they are now enjoying running however I have one run to go to complete the whole 9 weeks and up till week 7 I was enjoying it but it started to turn into a chore and now when I get to the end of the run the feeling is more of a thank goodness that's over with rather then any feeling of achievement or enjoyment. In earlier weeks I was hoping that I would get the bug and become 'addicted' so that I would maintain the healthy lifestyle and fitness level and not going back to the couch eating sausage and chips followed by a bar of chocolate!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

I have changed it up by running different routes, listening to music, podcasts and an audiobook and have always managed to complete every run, yet still not enjoying it!!

So my question is are people enjoying running or is it just something they get on and do?

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I enjoy it but I do go through periods when I don't enjoy it or I can't be bothered, I usually take a break when it happens and it seems to do the trick for me.

I hope you stick with it and you end up enjoying it again. Don't forget, it's almost springtime then summer will arrive, the better weather might make it enjoyable again for you.

Just don't give in, you have come a long way.

Good luck to you!

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to Hidden

That's exactly what I dont want to do, I feel the health benefits and have lost some weight so dont want to go backwards by giving up. Just completed my last run so will have to give myself a kick up the proverbial and just keep going!!

Hidden in reply to Madloonmary

If you don't feel like running try a brisk walk, you might end up running instead, just don't give up.. 😊


The elusive runners buzz!

If you are struggling then yes, at the end you will be thankful it ends. I would too!

If you go too easy then you recover quickly and reduce the risk of injury but you won't get that'high'.

Try going easy and then build up to a sprint in the last 30 seconds.

I know people who really struggled with it. Graduated. Lost fitness. Did it a second time and loved it!

So as Thehandyman says, maybe a little break after graduating might help!

🐱 Katnap 🐱


Im with you! I’m on week 7 run2 tomorrow and I have to say the only run I truly enjoyed for itself was week6 run 3. I did it at sunset and ended up running the last part in the dark. Having the place to myself - it’s a very well overlooked park and safe- and having the change in the light- really made it different . I think it also allowed me to run slower.

However, I think given that the variety of runs and walks in each week and the interest of new times are now over I will get bored, as I’m not that interested in the running in and of itself and it is a bit of a chore. I’m not complaining as it’s definitely giving me benefits, it’s just not a particularly exciting or enjoyable thing to do.

I suspect I will need to find some β€˜not actually to do with running’ inspiration once I manage to do my last 8 runs!

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to Treewoman

Once it went into continuous running that is where I lost it. The program itself is absolutely amazing, it has literally got me of my couch and running for 30 minutes and that is something I never thought I'd be doing , so I absolutely applaud it for that, I just wish I enjoyed it πŸ˜”.

I have tried the gym in a previous life but found I gravitated to the same machines and got bored of that very quickly!! I also used to do aerobics as it was called many moons ago and enjoyed it so tried a few different classes but was bitterly disappointed as was a very fit friend who came along. Previously tried kick boxing which I loved but ended up with quite a bad injury and there is no longer any classes near by.

I'm off to do my last run in the program tonight and will just have to take it from there, just feeling a bit gutted as I really wanted to enjoy it. Good luck with the rest of your journey and I hope you find something that is your thing 🀞.


Try slowing down, running somewhere beautiful (I assume you are not on a dreadmill) and look around you.


So Mary have you asked yourself why it is you're not enjoying your runs? is the route are you mixing it up? change the time you run get some variety. I know I've had runs where you fight yourself to get out of the house, but I always return refreshed and that after run spring is in my step.

I'm sure if you've come this far you're enjoying it in someway?? πŸ€”πŸ€¨πŸ§

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to Imc50

I think it's because for the first 10/15 minutes my brain is telling me I can't do this because my legs are tired, my calves are sore I can't breathe properly and when Sarah Millican tells me it's only 15 minutes so far I'm like seriously is that it!! I used to like you!! πŸ˜… but I push on through and start looking like a very sweaty tomato, really not pleasant! I then continue to have an argument with myself that I can do it and I will not give up, then Sarah's back again and a curse or two escapes and I tell her that I actually really dont like her at all!!

What I do like is that it is free and I can do it when it suits me.

Imc50Graduate in reply to Madloonmary

Haha imagine having to pay for Sarah's joyful encouragement πŸ‘€

Speedy60Graduate in reply to Madloonmary

To help alleviate the first toxic 10 minutes, try to make sure you're really well warmed up before you leave the house. Get your heart rate up and try plenty of dynamic stretches. That way your muscles won't go into shock.

Good luck

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to Speedy60

If I do the stretches do I still need to do the 5 minute walk before I run?

Speedy60Graduate in reply to Madloonmary


Have a look at this, it may help. The warm up walk is to get your heart rate up and is necessary. Dynamic stretches are used to activate all your muscle groups and put your joints through their full range of movement.

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to Speedy60

Thank you, I'll have read.


When I said to my son 2 years ago ' I don't like running' he said ' Mum, no-one likes running!'

We're all running for a reason. Quite frankly I run for my mental health and hey! it's keeping my weight down. Why did you start running? That reason can't have gone away! I do find it boring sometimes but I try to go and run different routes even if it means driving somewhere to run. I'm still not there yet but the rewards are what keeps me going.

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to 59er

Out of the mouths of babes!! Bless him.

59erGraduate in reply to Madloonmary

He's actually 30 years old 🀣

If you saw my post this morning you'd see that everyone struggles with getting out there. My run this morning wasn't the prettiest place I've run (see older posts) but it made me feel surprisingly good. In fact I've decided to try and change my routes every month. You have to find what's best for you. Good luck!


I've been doing this for over a year and enjoy isn't the first word that leaps to mind. I carry on because I don't want to lose the level of fitness I have definitely gained and because it is good for my head to have space to ponder. Every now and then like Monday when the sun shone, first time for months, I get a little closer to thinking this lovely...but that's the scenery.


Hi Madloonmary, it could just be that’s it still very early days and the programme is fantastic but TOUGH in my experience. I think I find enjoyment in the idea of running and thatIm doing something positive to improve my health and fitness, but actually putting one foot in front of the other when my legs feel like lead, and keeping on gong when my body just wants to lie down Enjoy? No. I’m still hoping that one day I will feel that running feeling so maybe you can give it more time and find a way to keep your hope alive 😊

Hi, I graduated in December and have been, almost religiously, running three times a week. Enjoyment is not my first thought - its fitness, health and, because it gives me space on my own to think things through, it helps with my mental health as well. I don't get the 'runner's high' but when I've recovered from the sweatiness (which I hate) and the tired legs then I know I do feel better. It's doing me so much good that I don't mind not actually enjoying the running but enjoying the other good things about exercise. Please keep it up it's only half an hour or so out of three days a week and will help you enjoy the other hours of every day for the rest of your life.

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to Pensionedjogger

I think you definitely have it right and I should adopt that attitude also. I started the journey for my health as apart from work I had a very sedimentary lifestyle, overweight and appalling diet so in that respect I have come far as have also changed my diet. I do not want to slip back into old happens so may have to be a case of grin and bear it!! (Or should that be bare?)


I suspect that it may be your body telling you to take it a bit easier. Although we haven't really done a lot of running in real terms when we get to the end of the plan, compared to what we were doing before we started, it's a massive increase over the piece and your body is still in the adaptation phase (actually, in never really stops adapting, it just isn't as dramatic after a while).

I usually find that every couple of months, I just take a week off from running to give my muscles an extended period of rest and recovery. I still do a lot of walking during my break, I just don't run. Often the first couple of runs after those breaks is when I set new PBs. I don't know whether it's psychological, or down to being refreshed (or a bit of both), but that's how it goes for me.

A year on, and I'm still here. Some days I could see it far enough, but mostly I enjoy it and it helps keep my head clear.

Hope you find your mojo again soon.

jorgeRunsGraduate in reply to sTrongFuse

That’s really helpful, thank you.

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to sTrongFuse

Thanks sTrongFuse, that may be an idea, give me chance to miss it maybe? Then want to get back to it with some motivation behind me.


I definitely feel thank goodness rather than anything else! It's always hard going & I don't run very fast so can't slow down. I graduated last week & am hoping, if I keep running 3x a week it will get easier & more enjoyable.

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to Dragon11

Glad I'm not on my own in feeling this way, it seems it's the same for quite a few people but as many have mentioned it's not about enjoying it it's more about the benefits of it. I hope it does get easier for you and congratulations on keeping it up.


You done brilliantly to get where you are I haven’t long finished c25k there’s nothing wrong with chocolate or sausage and chips πŸ˜‚ try different routes and different time or even try running without music or with think we all have bad days but remember where you started from running for 60 seconds and. Walking for 90 seconds you done amazing happy running πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to pete1212

Thank you pete1212, the app is absolutely amazing how it gets you through to a full 30 minutes of running and I am shocked that I managed to complete it!! May have to treat myself to a fat kebab πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚.

pete1212Graduate in reply to Madloonmary

Nothing wrong in treating yourself after all the hard work you have done πŸ‘ just one more run for your graduation πŸŽ“ keep it going πŸ‘

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to pete1212

Thanks pete1212. I managed to achieve that yesterday evening 😁 it's keeping it going that is my worry now. I treated myself to a kitkat, not quite sausage and chips or a delicious fat kebab 🀀.

pete1212Graduate in reply to Madloonmary

Well done for not having a sausage and chips or a kebab ok you had a chocolate 🍫 bar that’s ok nothing wrong in a treat try and look at that as a positive probably several weeks that wouldn’t have happened and now you can for a run for 30 minutes well done you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ keep it going you done amazing πŸ‘


I have yet to feel any β€˜high’ from running. (Starting week 4)

But the sense of achievement from reaching a goal is a decent prize for me:)

MadloonmaryGraduate in reply to iBard

That's how I was initially, having that goal to reach for and a great sense of achievement once reached, it's only really been the last 3 weeks, but I have kept it up and graduated tonight!!

iBardGraduate in reply to Madloonmary

Hmmm, have you tried being chased by zombies during your runs?

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