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Finally! Graduation :-D

Well 2 weeks after my last failed attempt at my graduation run I actually went and did it!

After my last miserable attempt at my graduation run I had two weeks off running completely, although I did plenty of yoga and even a Davina workout. I decided to follow my instincts and do what my body wanted to do for a couple of weeks, instead of forcing myself to run.

I had no intention whatsoever of running on Monday evening, but I got home and found myself putting on my new trainers. I decided to take it really slow and easy and not worry about the distance too much, just so I could finish the 30 minutes. Several times I had to force myself to slow down.

I got to a point where I thought I'd probably done about 4km and thought I'd carry on until I got to 5km regardless of time if I was close to achieving it, so I looked at Endomondo. And the damn GPS had cut off! I was at 28 minutes though so I just ran until 30 minutes without a clue how far I'd ran.

I glossed over that a bit there...

I completed week 9 run 3!! Wahoo!

When I got home I mapped the route out properly and it came in at 4.65km, which I was amazed with. I'm not saying I found it easy, but I really thought I'd gone much slower, and therefore not gone as far, as usual. Fantastic!!

I never honestly believed I'd finish this program. Even 2 weeks ago when I tried to do my final run and totally messed it up I thought that I'd probably never bother to try again because I'm useless at running. It turns out I'm not that useless after all. Graduate badge required...:-)

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Very well done Ange and big congratulations to you!! Welcome to the Grad Club!! :)

Its a great feeling knowing you can now run for 30 mins when only a short while ago it seemed impossible. Whatever distance you cover its a great achievement and dont ever think you are useless at it - you are off the couch and you are a runner!! :D

Go get your badge now and celebrate!!

Sue x


Very well done! Now you can plan your next move...


Congratulations - good to hear that even if it's tough, it's still possible to get there in the end. And just look at that graduate badge there already! Well done for getting yourself out - and doing so well, too.


I love graduation blogs...woohoo you've done it, well done and enjoy your achievement, you have earn't it :-)


Congratulations - well done! And how nice that you didn't really plan it :) Go get that badge now, you deserve it!


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