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W9 R2

Well what a week. some bright spark (yes me) decided to start decorating my lounge, gutting the whole lot a week before my holiday and the week im on waking night shifts at work and still thought I could go to running club and plus do the C25K. How wrong was I. Today I managed to get out and run W9 R2 from start to finish 5k in 41:48 including warm up walk and cool down. I was shocked how well I ran considering the week I have had. I haven't ran since the parkrun Saturday which was a bit of a disaster. So all in all a good run.

Sorry runningknitter I wont be doing graduation run tomorrow, it will be Saturday morning now. Have a wicked graduation run today. I will be here waiting to cheer you on ;-) x x

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You're doing great, Belinda! Hope the decoration goes well and your lounge gets to look pretty and finished soon.

I look forward to read all about the Saturday run :)


Thank you....I've nearly hung all the wallpaper on the feature wall. Then lay the floor on Saturday... And then off on holiday I go for 2 weeks. Then my new sofa should arrive ;-)


Almost there now!! :)


You did well Ms B :0)...and thank you, I am not long back from my graduation run. Sounds like you are having fun decorating! Good luck for your run on Saturday :0)


And I'll be cheering you on from the bench on Saturday! :)

Great going Belinda, have a good rest, then graduate in style!!


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