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Omg! Omg! I just ran for 20mins!!!


I did my W8R2 last night and decided run 3 would be tomorrow.

As usual I decided to do 30mins brisk walk on the treadmill as I do on my days off.

Then I realised my period started and I wouldn’t be able to run for few days so decided to get run 3 done tonight before the pain started.

I was so nervous as I’d never done 2 days back to back and wouldn’t want to but really didn’t want to be thinking about this run over the next few days.

I decided to get over and done with tonight. Started it really slow and ran at much slower pace than usual ( same pace as W1). Took another poster’s suggestion and focusing on 5mins at a time.

I got really exhausted around 90seconds before finishing but kept telling myself I would be stupid to give up so close to the end.

I was exhausted by the end but I did it! I can definitely see why everyone on here says it’s a mental challenge. You’re constantly having to fight off that doubt to continue.

I’m so glad I did it! Can’t believe I was struggling with 8mins last night and I managed 20 tonight.

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Congratulations, sounds amazing 😊


Fantastic x well done you 👏👏👏

The reason why you can't run when you have a period is that it's the wrong sport. Aren't you supposed to wear tiny shorts and rollerboot along a promenade instead? 🤣🤣🤣

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Hahahaha yes absolutely!


Feels good, doesn't it!

A huge milestone has been reached. Now you know you CAN do it. Next up, 25 minutes. Getting you pace right is now more important if you are going to find that extra stamina. Those additional 5 minutes might as well be an hour if you burn yourself out in that first 20. Get your pace right and that extra 5 will be a breeze.

Fantastic work, keep going!

well done you wont be long before your addicted🏃‍♀️


Thanks guys! My first day on the program was on 10th Sept struggling for breath after a min jog.

I’m still on such high after last night and finally see the 30mins run possible.


Well done - a great achievement

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