Pace thing worked!!! Just ran 9K!! :D

Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on pace yesterday. It all really helped :-) . I worked out what my slow pace should be, using the pace calculator (based on 5k run time) and set a max speed alert on my Garmin.

It basically went off continually (!) but it did make me aware all the time and I discovered something interesting. I've never run slowly enough to talk before and so although I found it easy from a cardiovascular point of view, my legs were really finding it hard. They were achy and complaining all the way.

Anyway, I did manage to get into a rhythm (of basically constantly trying to find a rhythm!!), and just felt like I could go on and on. For the last few K I felt able to ignore the alarm and it was a relief.

The end result was that instead of my planned 7.5K, I did 9!!! It took me 1hr2mins, which is pretty good I think :D


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26 Replies

  • Well done! Yes a very good time there. So, 10 k up next?

  • Yes! And I can't wait. Funny, I felt all despondent a few days ago, like I would never get there and I know I'm not quite there yet but I know it's reachable now :-)

    Thanks MissW

  • Thanks :-)

    I am so happy. I decided runners high isn't just about endorphins, it's about realising what we're capable of!

  • Oh well done I_will, that's a great distance to achieve. 10k is only just round the corner now and a good time is beckoning :) That's the thing with running- you never stop learning new things :)

  • I know! That's what I like about life - always new things to learn. So exciting :-)

  • Oh that's pretty fabulous I_will! Well done you! Well done indeed ..... :-)

  • Thank you! :D

  • Well done... keep up the good work... Have you got a 10K race planned yet... its within your sights now! Me I'm still very much playing with my running... no target but really enjoying getting out there... Doing a 30 day ab challenge as well atm... its killing me more than running ever has so far! lol x

  • Hi! :-)

    Ooh, abs challenge sounds a bit 'yikes!' Glad you're still enjoying the running too :-)

    There's a 10k I've been thinking about signing up for. I think it's time I got on with it!

  • well done!thats a great time for 9k! i was thinking of trying the setting a pace on my garmin, as haven't used it yet, will maybe try it at running club tonight! just read through yesterdays answers, it was very useful thankyou! sounds like we are in a similar place of trying to build up distance :)

  • Hope it works for you too. I was feeling a bit rubbish about it but just one good run and it's all gone!

    Have fun at your club :-)

  • That sounds great, well done. I am trying to remember all these hints and tips for when I get to that stage. I think I might be a bit like you and find it hard to get a slow enough pace to be able to have a conversation. Hmmm, maybe I should think about splashing out on a Garmin after all. Thanks for the post.

  • I would recommend it...especially if you like stats!

    I got a good deal on eBay. It does lots of fancy tricks and it so helpful

  • Ali the virtual pacer on the Garmin is fab! You'll wonder how you ever did without it. It will certainly help you

    Doglets I've got the Ab Challenge lined up (Jillian Michaels), and the Ripped in 30, plus I've downloaded her slimdown challenge, which is 3 day mixture of her compilation DVD set. So lots of potenial for getting stronger. Just the last day of 30 day Shred to finish TODAY. Yay

    I-will. 10 k is an enjoyable distance and keep a check on your lap times because you might notice they're similar to your 5 k ones.

  • Thanks, I'll check them out

  • Well done I_will , 9 k hey ? Fab stuff - Have it !!!!! :-) xxx

  • *high five* (hopefully I don't miss!)

  • High fives back :-) xxx

  • Perfect! Well done... now you can work on that "easy pace" to build up the endurance... 9K is a LOOONG way... that's a great effort...

    I found running slower to be really hard when I started... now I realise it's a fantastic training technique... glad you dialled into it... and it also means you won't get so tired and want to stop too early! :) You'll be clocking them miles on the long runs now... (no more than 10% per week now ya'hear)... :)

  • Hehe, I know the 10% rule, but when you're not tired....oh, the temptation, y'know?

    Thanks aussie :-)

    I just sat there grinning last night, thinking 'he! I just ran five and a half miles!!!' I'm still pinching myself

  • I_will - that's brilliant! I missed your post last night, but 9km in an hour is fantastic. What a wonderful gadget you have, and now you've started on a journey towards HM!

  • (I have some grand ideas about HMs I have to admit) and thanks :-)

    My legs are a bit tired today I have to admit. Another rest day for me tomorrow I think

  • WOW! just WOW! Super well done :) Think I need to look into a watch like that as I think I am running too quickly and then get exhausted too early. Do all the Garmins have this pacer functioin do you know please? Looking forward to seeing your 'first 10k' post :D Beth x

  • Thanks Beth :-)

    No, I don't think they all do, so best check out its functions before purchasing one. Mine is a bit of a monster on the size side but it's worth it :-)

  • Thank you- I have done some research and found out the Garmin Forerunner10 is just perfect for me- entry level watch, GPS, pacer function - just what I need. So it , erm, kind of fell into my online 'shopping basket' and I *cough* seemed to lean heavily on the 'complete your order button' so it should be here by Friday:D ( I may be living on prridge for a month as a result!) If it helps me to sort myself out and gain some confidence to graduate- it will be money well spent ( and if not, it is in my favourite colour so will be a lovely looking watch nonetheless!) Beth x

  • Great! Have fun with it....I'm sure you will :-)

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